wonderfully made: 36 week bumpdate | the one with the dramatic hospital visit (yes, again!)

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

36 week bumpdate | the one with the dramatic hospital visit (yes, again!)

Sorry guys, this was the best I could do for my bump date picture this week!

Yesterday started out like any other day...I got up, had some slight contractions and normal discomfort for this time in my pregnancy, and went to work. I noticed that the tightening and slight pain wasn't really going away and I just had an overall icky feeling so I started writing down each time when I felt the 'pain' start  around 11:30 (ladies-it just felt like mild/moderate period cramping. guys-ignore this part). By lunch, I noticed there was a pattern and they were coming roughly every 10 minutes. After lunch, they seemed to pick up to every 7 minutes. I thought NO WAY could I be in labor, that just doesn't happen in my family. Anyway, I went through the afternoon jotting down the time and they just didn't let up. At 3:15 I finally called my doctor and asked what they wanted me to do. Of course, they brought me in for an NST.

A Non-Stress Test is kind of the first step to determining what is going on with a woman that may be in labor. They strap on two monitors to your belly to monitor the baby's heart rate and the mama's contractions. I had actually been monitored once before about two weeks ago for some contractions but they weren't near as regular and didn't really show up on the paper. Hence my 'irritable uterus' diagnosis. 

Anyway, they hooked me up at the doctor for 20 minutes and it was determined that I was having contractions. The bottom line on that sheet shows the hills and valleys of contractions and rest.

From there, I was nervously led to labor and delivery at my hospital, which is connected to my doctor's office.

They decided to monitor me for 2 more hours and check me at the end. If I was having more than 6 contractions in an hour, they would give me a shot of terbutaline in an attempt to relax my uterus and stop the contractions.

After about 30 minutes of being hooked up to the monitors and drinking water, my contractions had increased and were happening every 5 minutes or less. On their much more sensitive machine, the contractions read as smooth ups and downs with specific starts and stops. They had me press a button every time I felt one. So, I got the terbutaline shot and was told to wait!

Luckily, the shot stopped my contractions (for now), I wasn't progressing at all labor-wise and I was able to go home around 8pm with strict orders for bed rest the next day (today). 

I'm ready to meet this baby but not quite ready to meet him RIGHT NOW and definitely not until Mark gets back from his business trip! It was a dramatic afternoon and evening but I'm glad I was sent home and also feel a little bit better about 'real' labor because I feel like I kind of got to take a test run of the hospital and nurses (who were great). I'm just convinced this baby loves the hospital! So, cheers to 36 weeks!

How far along:  thirty-SIX weeks!!!

Size of babe: a HONEYDEW! 

Gender: Mr. Man! His full initials were revealed here!

Husband: He's traveling for work this week and he was so unsure of whether it was too close to baby's due date to do so. Just the fact that he's worried about it freaks me out; that we could be so close! I assured him I didn't know anyone in my family that gave birth a month early and he's fine to travel, this will just be his last trip for a while. Every day he says 'don't have that baby yet!' hahaha!

Maternity Clothes: I actually bought and wore a non-maternity dress this week! PLUS it was a size small! It was labeled as a medium and I didn't notice it was a small until I got home. It is nice and stretchy though and I love it! I hope I don't stretch it out too much so I can wear it post baby! I only took one picture in it, during my daily bathroom pictures to measure my belly so please forgive me!

I also picked up these non-maternity shorts last week and I've worn them a bunch already. They are comfortable but also super cute so I can wear them in public. It's like I'm cheating! 

Loving: Watermelon slushes (STILL!), steak, potatoes, pizza, water, and climbing into bed every day after work! 

Loathing: The pain that comes from my ab muscles (what little there were) separating, acid reflux, people asking me if I have "just a few more days" left, annoying store employees that won't leave me alone and then ring up my items for the wrong amount but I'm so flustered and want to escape their weird glares that I leave without noticing so then I have to go back and have them give me a refund. phew. I think the whole 'cranky pregnant woman' is starting to emerge...

Movement: Nothing new here! All the punches, kicks, rolls, slithers, hiccups, and dance karate moves there are....all in my belly. 

Symptoms: Waddles, acid reflux, huffing and puffing, contractions, lethargy, small bits of energy, not feeling like eating, feeling ravenous every 2 hours....pretty much any pregnancy symptom = me. I think my luck of not constantly having to go to the bathroom has run out, too.

Best Part of the Week: Scoring lots of fun things including my new favorite shoes for baby at the JBF sale on Thursday! I'm pretty sure consignment sales are my new favorite thing ever. 

Worst Part of the Week: Other than last night, nothing super horrible stands out, just dealing with a couple painful contractions here and there, battling sleepless nights and acid reflux. None of those things are my favorite!

Missing Most: Normal sleep patterns. I seem to have gotten myself into the vicious sleep cycle of sleeping poorly one night to sleeping like a rock the next night and then it starts all over again. This bump is getting just a little bit painful and night time is the worst!

Can't wait for: We have a sonogram this week!!! We haven't seen this little munchkin since he was just 20 weeks so I'm SOOO excited to see an almost-fully developed baby and find out how big he is, how far along I am, where he's positioned, and maybe the chance of seeing his face and features! And OF COURSE I'll be sure to share pictures if we get any! :)


       week 16                                week 17                                        week 18

    week 19                                week 20                                   week 21


                      week 22                                                      week 23

week 24                                 week 25                               week 26

   week 27                                   week 28                                 week 29 


                  week 30                                      week 31                                    week 32


week 33                          week 34                           week 35
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