wonderfully made: February 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014

Five on Friday 2014 volume 6

It's my favorite day of the week! Linking up with April for this one! 


Here are my favorite pins from Pinterest this week:

How cute is this laundry room!? One can dream, I guess....

Vacation plans here are in the works! :)

This is just so pretty and inspiring!


I've been playing around with my new camera lately and can't wait for more opportunities to use it! Here are a few practice shots...


I'm not sure if there is something in the air or not, but I have been SO tired over the last two weeks! I'm blaming it on staying up until 3am when I had last Monday off, but could I still be suffering?? Planning to lay low this week and hopefully kick the funk!


I'm planning on doing an "all the little things" around my house post soon but I can't hide this any longer:

LOVING this "hey y'all" pillow I snagged at Hobby Lobby for half-off last weekend! It was an impulse buy but it's perfect :)


I can literally feel spring in the air, you guys. Sorry about all you northerners, but it has been in the mid-70's the past two weekends and I even planted some flowers in celebration. But in true Texas form, take a look at Sundays forecast:


Happy weekend!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Target Tuesday is back!

That's right, Target Tuesday is back! I don't always have tons of material for these posts but when I do, I promise to share! If you're new here, I like to share things I find at Target simply because I love Target like every other human on earth. It's nothing special and I don't post any big secrets, it's just fun things that I find and like to share!

So first of all, there was this:

Surely an unfortunate choice on Target's behalf to make these.

And then there were these:

And then, all at the same store, this:

Seriously? So funny! I saw them at 70% off a few weeks after this so I hope you guys held out for the deep discounts!

Here's another end cap I found on sale. I was tempted to go for those red and white frames, but I held strong!

I also came across this stool and spent about 3 minutes wondering if the sale price was worth the crooked leg. 

It wasn't.

So this is why I haven't been doing Target Tuesday regularly:

Not much excitement going on. Surely they are losing business with all of those empty shelves?

Anyway, I stopped in over the weekend and found a way better selection. I finally bought some curtains for our master bedroom and will be revealing those soon!

Also, Threshold and Nate Berkus have done WONDERS for Target. I always love their stuff!

I really do love this tribal/hippie looking woven stuff, but I'm holding out for a deeper discount. Really!

I was actually shopping the other day and cut through the candy aisle and saw this cute yarn-wrapped tree. It was enough to make me stop and think about how ridiculous it would be to buy an Easter tree, but it was SO cute! It would probably be a really easy DIY, so if you need an Easter tree, here's a good source!

So that is what I've been loving at Target recently. Happy Tuesday!

Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm the kind of girl that...

(like Sarah, I just had to add a throw-back pic of me being me!)

-sleeps as late as she possibly can.

-is always rushing out the door for work.

-never has time to eat breakfast.

-loves singing at church

-GETS IT in the car with the radio up

-has horrible will-power over food.

-is an extrovert...

-....That likes to have alone time.

-would rather shop by herself

-always needs something to look forward to in the near future

-always heads to the clearance rack

-is always craving Mexican food

-has slowly turned into a homebody 

-still can't paint her nails properly

-wants everything to go perfectly

-analyzes everything but is typically pretty easy going

-baby talks to her animals

-can't hide her emotions

-will always be honest if you ask her a question

-wants constructive criticism

-likes steaming hot showers and baths 

-loves a pickup game of volleyball

-has a running baby name list on her phone

-just wants everyone to have fun!

-is super awkward with small talk

-LOVES a big, crowded family event

-tries to be original 

-loves goofing off with nieces and nephews 

-hurts when she gets a calf massage at the nail salon

-always changes the recipe when cooking or baking

-doesn't usually want to talk on the phone 

-loves to live a full life!

I saw this post going around the blogosphere last week and thought it would be fun to join in!

Happy Monday!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday, 2014 vol. 5


I am trying to cook more so this week I made Turkey burgers from a recipe I found on Pinterest. They aren't just regular turkey burgers, though. They are turkey-spinach-feta burgers and the patties were only about 130 calories each! They were pretty good and husband approved!


Speaking of food, we have plans to meet Marks family for dinner tomorrow in McKinney. They have been raving about Mellow Mushroom so we are trying it out. It's an open air pizza place, so it has to be good, right? Have any of you tried it?


I've inundated you with my love for Pinterest so why not add it to the five on Friday lineup? Here are my top three favorite pins from this week:

This is one of the sweetest camera straps I have seen so far. I love it!

I had all the ingredients for these last weekend so I whipped some up when the girls visited me. Mark told me he ate 8 and Stacy said she had 5. They were gone by Sunday!

So simple. Love it!


My favorite times of year are Thanksgiving, 4th of July, and daylight savings. I am a summer-crazed Texan and I always have daylight savings in my calendar and look forward to it for about 3 months. It's coming up in a couple weeks and I can't wait!!! There is just something about having daylight until 8:30pm that makes me so happy!


It's the time of year where things are slow and I'm looking for the next big thing to work towards. All I can think about right now is traveling! I have limited vacation time this year because I just switched jobs, so I need to spend my time wisely. We have talked about going to Europe and New York, but what about Park City, Utah, Banff National Park, or Mexico? I'm dying to go back to Kauai, too. Where are you guys going this year?

I'm linked up with Darci at the good life blog today for five on Friday. Happy weekend! ;)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

my bridal portraits

I realized the other day that after over a year and a half, I never posted my bridal portraits on Facebook or my blog. Now I'm sure some of you guys couldn't care less about these, but these were my favorite pictures between our engagements and wedding photos, so I definitely want to have them documented here to be able to look back on them!

If you aren't familiar with bridal portraits, I believe it is a southern tradition to have photos taken in your dress a few months prior to the wedding. If you are keeping your dress a secret, you don't let anyone see these photos until you reveal one or two large prints at your wedding. It is a good way to get some great pictures of you in your dress without taking time away from the wedding and reception.

I posted this photo a couple weeks ago. This is the day we found the dress! It was a sample sale dress at Bliss Bridal Salon in Fort Worth. (I also sold this dress a few weeks before the wedding. Email me if you want to know more!)

My photos were taken on some private property in Farmers Branch. Our photographer was The Three and they did a great job! They have really great  prices and all of our pictures came out looking great. If you need a wedding or family photographer and are interested, let me know and I'd be happy to share our experience!

We had this one made into a canvas and displayed at our reception. It's now hanging in the guest room!

So there is an overload of photos of me. Sorry!

Do you have special photos that you cherish? Please share!