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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

bluebonnets 2018

I'm currently catching up on some blogging (I'm 4 posts behind!) but these were just too easy to share. I'm SUPER lucky because my parents have some long time friends and neighbors that live down the street (and have the BEST spot in the neighborhood) that have allowed us to take bluebonnet pictures for several years. I'm ALSO lucky because my sister is a budding photographer and she offered to take pictures of my kids in the neighbors' beautiful yard. I mean, how gorgeous are these? The pictures, the flowers, the kids? ;) Hope you enjoy half as much as I did! Thanks, sis!

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Saturday, March 31, 2018

hoppy easter!

Sorry guys, I couldn't resist. dmariebuchanan@gmail.com Image Map

This kind of opportunity/thought/plan doesn't often happen as a busy mom of two so I had to jump on it when I could! I'm just sad I don't have some of these with Beau! I'm also sad that we didn't get on the bunny footprint art this year....maybe next?

Monday, March 19, 2018

davis jeffrey | 8 months

WEIGHT: haven't weighed him recently  but he doesn't seem to be growing by leaps and bounds...so 19lbs? 
CLOTHING: still hanging in there at 6-12 months! He's my skinny tall boy.
DIAPERS: Size 4 for day, 6 for night!

  • people, as usual
  • following us around the house
  • loving/hugging his brother
  • taking baths with Beau
  • crawling to anything he's not supposed to get
  • happy screaming in the morning
  • the 'calm dance' that Mark does with him ;)
  • holding his bottle
  • teething wafers

LOTS of firsts this month!
  • started crawling!
  • pulled up and over our 6" step 
  • pulled up on crib
  • first dairy product since I was nursing him 
  • bath with his brother
  • first time sitting in a restaurant high chair
  • swinging
  • first time playing outside with Beau
  • holds his bottle

He's doing so much better with solid foods! He is improving every day with his pincher skills and he seems actually interested in eating now. He LOVES the teething wafers (Beau never did) and is really good with anything large that he can hold and bite on. We discovered this when he went to town on some homemade french fries. So far, he isn't shoving a ton in his mouth and choking, so I'm happy for that! I'm getting a little daring and he's had the yogurt melts (with no noticable reaction) and I'm not really stressing about dairy/soy right now. I figure it will be obvious if he does have a reaction. I'm not giving him straight cheese or anything but I will in a month or two. We're just working our way up to two consistent meals a day right now!

Sleep is still iffy. We really have to stay on top of his daily food intake (cough, Mark, cough) or he doesn't get full and wakes up at night. When he's eating more during the day, he sleeps longer at night. We've had a few all-night stretches in the last month but nothing recently. He's taking 2-3 regular naps and seems to go down pretty well for them. I don't remember the last time I had to rock him to sleep (better knock on wood)!

He's been healthy! No doctor visits recently and we haven't caught the flu! yay!

He is in a whole new world after discovering how to crawl! He is ALL over the place and Beau is not handling it well. Davis wants to go hug/touch/wrestle with Beau and Beau is SO worried about his toys. He doesn't get the concept that sliding them across the floor does not get them out of Davis' reach anymore...He's also blabbing more. Lots of 'bababa' and 'dadada'. It will be interesting to see if he talks before Beau!

Life has been good! I thought I had more time before Davis would be crawling so efficiently or able to escape our step down in the living room, but oh well. We are just soaking in this time and vacuuming a lot more often! ha! 

Here's some photos of the last month plus Beau's photobomb of Davis' 8 month shoot. :)

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