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Saturday, March 16, 2019

davis jeffrey | 18 months

Oh my. I have about 12 months of blogging to catch up on (at least it feels that way). I'm trying not to feel guilty and just get to it when I get to it. YES, I still need to blog an update for Beau now that he's 3.5! I'll do that soon...

Davis is 18 months old! He's actually 20 months old, but let's just pretend that I'm caught up, ok?

This boy is a TALKER. Oh my goodness. It's hard not to compare your kids and I totally believe that kids are just different but Davis is talking soooo much more than Beau was at this age. He has tons of words and surprises me every day with what he says unprompted. He says 'medicine', for goodness sake! What he excels in is speech and what he struggles with is stubborness (he comes by it honestly). This boy doesn't know the word 'no'. He will throw a fit if you close a door he doesn't want closed, take a toothbrush away that he wasn't done with (after 20 minutes), etc. He has a temper! It's all my fault, though. It's hard to discipline a one year old when you've got a threenager to keep up with!

Davis started walking at 13 months and has been on the run ever since. He loves to climb and has already given hints of climbing out of his crib, which I hope doesn't happen for a while! He is our daredevil and he is not afraid of anything. If he can climb on it, he will. And then he'll stand up.

Davis gets into EVERYTHING. If there is a toy to his right, he will go to his left. He is tough to keep up with because he just wanders and gets into anything that could be dangerous, messy, etc. He is just super curious! 

After almost a year of dairy and soy intolerances and just overall disinterest in eating, Davis' appetite caught up with him. He was our champion eater for several months after turning one. Now, however, he is a bit pickier and will make it known if he doesn't approve of what is set in front of him. He demands pizza, 'berries', yogurt, pouches, milk, all of the above. That temper keeps him from ever changing his mind, so if he decides he doesn't want something, it's downhill from there. He loves berries like blueberries and strawberries. He's not a huge fan of bananas or blackberries. Like Beau, he loves hot dogs. He also likes cheesy pasta and meatballs, but is not big on steak (he's crazy).

Davis and I get a few hours together each week while Beau is in school. He loves to play undisturbed, climb in my lap and demand snuggles and books, and go outside ('side'). He repeats the last word of whatever we're saying and my current favorite is when I ask "do you want me to help you?" He just repeats "help oooh" over and over. Swoon! His nap schedule has been messed up ever since Beau started school but he does ok. He always lets us know when he wants to go to bed and requests his 'pas-chi' and sings his night-night song. He's still just the sweetest thing, even during tantrums, and we're so glad we have him!

Here's the little toot's photo dump!

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