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Monday, February 6, 2017

baby "B" part two!

If you don't know me in real life or don't follow me on social media, you may have missed the news:

Beau is going to be a BIG brother to a LITTLE brother!!!

Yep, we're expecting #2! I'm currently 15 weeks and fully plan on being a bit more active on the blog with baby updates. I chronicled my pregnancy with Beau and I've already looked back on it many times, even before I got pregnant, so I know I'll enjoy having the information on the second one. I am a second child and I want to make sure this little one gets just as much attention and love as Beau did!

I'm not quite ready for a bumpdate yet (I'm not showing at ALL, ugh!) but lots has happened! Let's see...we had the genetic testing done early like we did with Beau, which is how we found out we were having a boy. We are still waiting on the anatomy ultrasound at 20 weeks to really set that in stone but the testing is 99% accurate. Instead of doing a gender reveal like we did with Beau, we just found out the normal way which was via email to my email address! I found out on a Monday while Mark was at work and NOPE I didn't wait until he was home to open it! haha.

He knew I would be getting results eventually but didn't know I already had them so I told a white lie and said I didn't know yet. Beau and I rushed out and got 6 blue balloons and I wrote the boy name that we had decided on (nope, not telling) on a banner I have and strung it between two chairs. I tied the balloons on the chairs and put them so Mark would see it pretty much when he came in the door. He was feeling sick that day and when he walked in he almost had no reaction!!! I mean, he was basically stunned. If you know Mark, he's not really super emotional in any way so it wasn't too surprising, but the fact that he was sick didn't really help. He teared up (as he did at Beau's gender reveal) and was totally surprised. Yay! Mission accomplished. He is so happy to add another boy to the group (we both are)!

So since I had the balloons, I wanted to do a reveal with Beau holding the balloons. We hadn't told the public we were pregnant and were waiting for the gender to do so. However....Beau was not a fan of the balloons. At least not up close. So these were the photos I got after 30 minutes of trying! 

Instead, we just used the very first photo above (in his big bro shirt) for our reveal. 

So for the pregnancy, I was actually really bummed that I didn't start documenting last time until 16 weeks. There is so much that goes on in the beginning that I forgot about! I had TONS of cramping from about 4-6 weeks that almost concerned me but after lots of googling I realized it was normal. Also I felt completely normal until almost exactly 7 weeks along, which is when I started having food aversions and just feeling crummy. I didn't remember until I got to that point but that's about what it was like with Beau. From about 7-12 weeks I had the aversions and ate lots of PB&Honey sandwiches and felt crummy in the afternoon. It's pretty much gone, but my appetite wavers here and there. With Beau, I didn't want chicken (except in the form of Chick-fil-A nuggets) for my entire pregnancy and for a while after. I'm not feeling that this time. And now, I eat tons of little meals. I'll eat, feel full, and then an hour later my stomach is rumbling. It's tough to keep up with!

Also, I felt movement way earlier this time. My body is crazy and I'm super intuitive or SOMETHING, because I felt Beau at 13 weeks and this one I felt at 10w5d. Seriously! It seems WAYYYYY too soon and I didn't believe what I was feeling but once it happens day after day, in the same super low spot, you know it's not just gas. Last week I started feeling little kicks from the outside and yesterday Mark felt one too! It's a lot different than with Beau...he moves differently. Beau was a kicker and a jabber from the beginning. This one has been a roly poly. I just feel him rolling but not kicking much. Even when I've felt him on the outside, it is so light and I don't even feel the movement on the inside until a little later when he's rolling more. So weird. 

Further (this is going to be a novel of a post. I guess that's what happens when you don't blog for two months), we have to find a new house! Mark and I always had a 3-5 year plan for our little starter home but we are officially maxed out with 2 adults, one toddler, a dog, a cat, and a baby on the way in our 1200 square foot home. We actually have been 'browsing' the market since last May and even toyed with building a home in the fall but now we are officially looking. The housing market in north Texas is CRAZY, y'all. We thought it was bad 4 years ago when we bought our house and there were 5 offers on the day it was listed...it's now worth about 40% more than we paid in 2013 and houses are going quicker than ever. SO, we are hoping we find our perfect home in the perfect location for the perfect price sometime before this baby comes. Oh yeah, he's coming late July/early August. Forgot to mention that small detail! He and Beau will be 23 months apart!

So, I'm sure there's lots more I could ramble on about but I'll save that for another time. We've been busy and have had a lot on our minds, clearly! We are excited to become a family of four and I can't wait to share all of these big changes with you! 

christmas 2016: part two

So this is WAY delayed...sorry! 

I promised to do a part two post but it turns out I'm really bad at taking pictures now. I don't even remember all of the fun things we did around Christmas time but here are some photos from Santa's visit and Christmas morning!

I put Mark in charge of taking a video of Beau walking in and I incorrectly told him that he could snap pictures while videoing...wrong. I was so disappointed we lost that moment forever, but...sigh....oh well. Beau went straight to his stocking like he was an old pro and he loved taking each thing out of it. We did get this little snippet:


Beau got spoiled by Santa and mom and dad, not to mention both of our families. Christmas as a one year old is great!

We switch up every year and spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with each side of the family. This year we did Christmas day with my family and Beau loved experiencing the magic with his cousins!


He finally started to understand gifts after his third occasion and had quite the haul!

Audrey was just as interested in his toys as he was!

(side note: I have clearly lost any skill I previously had for taking photos. The majority of these are horrible quality. forgive me!)

Beau and Audrey battle over his new slide:

And then in January, Beau got his first snowfall! It's been pretty much 60 degrees and above this year so far but we have had a couple of really cold snaps and at the beginning of January we got a little snow to stick! Beau and I went out after his nap and he immediately fell face first. I thought that that would be it and we would head inside but nope, he was a trooper and enjoyed walking around in the white stuff. It wasn't enough to play in but it was nice to enjoy!

And yes...those are socks on his hands. He has matching mittens to his hat (which is too small) but one had gone  MIA at the moment so I improvised. They worked perfectly! #texanwinter

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

christmas 2016 : part one

I'm titling this 'part one' because we're only halfway through December and I have enough photos to share. That, and I just shut down my (very busy, but wonderfully fulfilling) Etsy shop for the season and now I have more time to enjoy Christmas time. That means more activities and more pictures! So I'll come back at the end of the month or in January with more. Here's how we've been getting in the spirit over the last few weeks!

We put up our decorations the day after Thanksgiving and I'm excited to finally have some time to go back and tweak them before Christmas. Oh, and I need to wrap gifts, too!
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My friend Amy is in town from Virginia and her little girl Emma is 2 months older than Beau, so we've been spending lots of time together. We took them to Northpark to get pictures with Santa and it was everything you could hope for with two one year olds. :) 

Here's the photo I purchased (picture of a picture, posted on my instagram): 

Emma had the same feelings as Beau, but was more mobile about it. Check out Santa hanging on for dear life!

Later that week, Amy and I made the trek down to Waco to visit Magnolia! I think we are both mild fans of Fixer Upper and have heard great things about what the show has done for Waco, so it was a good little day trip. Waco is only about an hour and a half from our house so we went in the morning and came home while the kids napped in the backseat. 

We spent SO much time in the yard and it was perfect for the kids to get out their wiggles. Honestly, if the yard wasn't there, I'm not sure I would have enjoyed the trip half as much. It was a beautiful day!

By, the way, since I don't do monthly updates anymore, Beau is WALKING. Full on walking. He started by taking about 15 straight steps right at 13.5 months and since then has gotten better everyday (he's 15 months now). He has pretty much stopped crawling (sniffle, my baby!) and is loving his whole new world. He also has almost 8 teeth, had his first haircut, says lots of words (but understands EVERYTHING) and is generally perfect in every way. :)

(there he is, blending in with another family)

So there is this cute setup in front of the silos so we propped the kids down for a photo opp...and Beau wanted nothing to do with it. See below.

(still upset)

(still upset)

We decided to take a break and eat at one of the food trucks on site...

...and when we tried again, it was a no-go. Not sure what his fear was!

I had to manage with a photo opp from afar. Ah, well.

Back in November, my sister took a few quick snaps of us for our Christmas cards (coming soon!) She took them on their property and in their neighborhood. It only took about 10 minutes and I love the few that we got! 

And today, I sat down and snapped about 100 pictures of Beau with the tree and got a handful of almost-not-blurry photos to share with y'all. I'll have to try again another time, but this boy is on the move!

Happy Holidays!