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Monday, July 16, 2018

davis jeffrey | one.

Davis is O-N-E!!! 

Was that the fastest year ever, or what?! 

This past year with Davis has been so hard yet so rewarding. I've seen different parts of myself, of Beau, and of Mark during this last year while learning to welcome a new member to our family. Having two boys has been a fun, challenging, amazing adventure and I feel so blessed that I can experience it!

The first six months of Davis' life was tough for me as I was adjusting to everything I didn't know about newborns. Davis threw us for a loop with his early arrival, smaller birth weight (and still below average weight), dairy intolerance, sleep issues, and general discomfort. We were on a rollercoaster for those first six months but I'm so glad we were able to figure things out and make Davis comfortable. 

Davis is the sweetest little boy. He has such a sweet and happy disposition that even though I remember Beau being a good baby all around, I never remember just thinking he was so. dang. sweet! Davis' whole face lights up when he smiles and he has this wide grin that he flashes especially in the mornings. He is always eager to see someone enter the room and will crawl towards them or stand up to greet them. He loves to bounce or bop along to music and if he's standing up he'll alternate picking up his feet to dance. It's so cute!

He LOVES people and enjoys being held but also LOVES wiggling and moving constantly. He is always on the go and I rarely see him sitting still anymore. I haven't been able to rock him to sleep or hold him while sleeping since he started crawling, so for a good 4 months!

He loves balls, our robot vacuum,  and opening and closing doors. He also loves any toy that Beau is playing with and already knows how to 'drive' cars with the accompanying (and necessary) noises. He loves putting toys/things into anything he can find. If there is a bucket, basket, toilet, bathtub, etc., he will try to put whatever is nearest into it. 

He's been using his walker for about a month now and is getting so close to walking! We've been catching him standing unassisted for several seconds so we think once he realizes he can take steps, he will. He seems more willing to attempt things and see if he can do them than Beau was, who wanted to master something before he tried to do it (his 'first steps' were about 15 steps across the room). 

He's saying 'ball', 'mama', 'dada', 'bubba', I THINK 'Beau' and he will bark 'ba, ba, ba!' at anything resembling a dog. He babbles a lot and has the funniest 'conversations' with himself. 

He slept through the fireworks (inside) for his first fourth of July but enjoyed the parade and the swimming. He'll take his first plane ride in August when we go to Destin for a week and I'm crossing my fingers he's mastered walking by that point and we can enjoy a slightly less sandy beach trip. :)

Davis is independent and plays SO well by himself when Beau isn't around. He plays well with Beau too, but Beau doesn't reciprocate well. We know they will be great playmates soon, though!

We are so thankful for this sweet boy and have loved this last year with him. We cannot wait to see him grow even more over the years to come. We love you, sweet Davis!!!

*thank you so much to my sister Angela for capturing these amazing pictures of Davis for us! 

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

davis jeffrey | 11 (and a half) months

Well, I'm late posting this again, but who's really surprised? (DISCLAIMER: I actually wrote this several days ago and ended up having technical difficulties getting my pictures to download, so here I am now!) (DISCLAIMER PART 2: I worked on this and then forgot about it...and I need to publish it before his birthday TOMORROW!! eeeks!)

Davis is 11.5 months old now and is growing up before our eyes! 

He's got a whole FOUR teeth, is pulling up, cruising, using his walker and anything else that can get him up and moving. 

He's found a new appreciation for food and really enjoys any pouch we give him but of course wants to use the spoon himself. #mess

Davis is WHINY. Always has been, hopefully will NOT always be. He uses his whining to communicate which I think is partially my fault for not being as proactive with the sign-language as I was with Beau. He has said his first definite word, which is BALL, and it's also one of his favorite toys. He also loves his brothers cars or anything with wheels. He's been caught making car sounds and driving cars around, which I think is so cute. He's really into opening and closing doors, books, etc. but he hasn't shown any interest in reading books yet. 

Davis has been cleared by the GI doctor on his dairy/soy issues and we are weaning him off of formula! He is completely off Neocate (amino-acid based formula) and onto Nutramigen (hypoallergenic with traces of milk) with a tiny bit of Gerber Good Start (typical milk based formula) added. We are increasing the amount of the Gerber little by little and will eventually start replacing it with whole milk. He eats cheese and baked-in dairy and soy with no issues but I'm a little gun shy on yogurt so we'll try that later. The good news is that Nutramigen is the magic sleep formula so he's been sleeping through the night!!! We are so happy that he seems to be outgrowing this issue that has been such a major bullet point in his life this first year. I'm ready to never think about dairy issues again #fingerscrossed

He is still crawling around like a madman and I'm afraid he will have permanent scars on his knees and tops of his feet because he rubs them so raw! He doesn't seem to care, though. 

He weighed in at 21 lbs 3 oz and 30.5 inches tall right around 11 months which puts him about average! It's just under what Beau weighed at 6 months old...haha! But he has really started chunking up and outgrew a lot of his clothes overnight. He's in 12 months, 12-18 months, and a few 6-12 month stragglers in brands that run large. 

He's waving, clapping, signing more and all done, and 'patting' his life away whenever he feels like it. We've witnessed him 'barking' along with Motley by saying "Ba, ba" over and over. I've also heard "bubba" multiple times but not too sure if he is really using it. 

He loves to bop along with the music when he's sitting down and recently has been brave enough to dance and hop from foot to foot when standing up and holding on to something. 

Davis is taking 2 naps a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Bedtime always just depends on when his nap ended and he sleeps until around 8am. 

He loves people and being held but he usually has to check you out for a few minutes before he gives up a smile. He doesn't seem to be too clingy and will almost always go to anyone that will take him. He does play coy occasionally and will give a sweet smile and then turn and bury his head in my shoulder.

wearing an old outfit of daddy's for Father's day

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

davis jeffrey | ten months

10 months! Only about a week late on this one. :)

10 months has been busy. and EXHAUSTING! This boy is on. the. MOVE. He is super speedy crawling 100% on hands and knees now. He's pulling up to his feet on anything he can and he's 'cruising' around the furniture. 

(we take our dental hygiene very seriously...also it helps us to sit still!)

He started waving and clapping and wants everything to do with sitting in your lap or at least being involved in whatever is going on. 

He LOVES his brother and tries to play with/on him at all times. I am the constant mediator. I can't wait until he's big enough to hold his own with Beau! 

He's really into doors right now...ha! He likes to open and shut them and often gets stuck on a side that he doesn't want to be on. He also loves batting balls and other small toys around the room and chasing after them, much like a cat...

I forgot to mention in his 9 month update that he has a tooth!!! I hadn't been checking because I assumed he would be like his brother and get teeth later on (Beau was 11 months) but as I was consoling him on one of our road trips, he put my hand in his mouth and I felt something very sharp! It was his bottom tooth, front and center and fully emerged. It is sharp! He's working on the others at the moment but I don't *think* any have come through yet. 

He's been way more interested in food and pretty much begs for it now. He's getting at least 50% in his mouth...he's getting better at using a sippy cup, too. I'm totally clueless on how to 'wean' him from formula since Beau was breastfed at this time. I'm trying to just give it when he seems to need it and hopefully solid food will start to take up more of his appetite. Otherwise I'll start incorporating water and I'll probably try my luck with cow's milk pretty soon. I'm ready to get this elemental formula off of our payroll!

(don't worry, he only crawled off the chair twice in this photoshoot...)

Davis has been taking 2 naps a day. Once around 10am and another around 2 or so. It's magic when he and Beau are napping at the same time! 

His hair is out of control curly and wispy, just like mine! I know from experience there is no taming that mane so we just let it do it's thing. He has the sweetest ringlets at the back and I think I'll cry when we have to cut them. Mark is ready to cut it now because Davis gets mistaken for a girl but come on...His hair isn't THAT long. The times he's been called a girl (for the most part) were when he was wearing colors like coral or yellow. I don't dress him SUPER masculine so it's to be expected. I'm not cutting his hair for a while! It's too sweet!

We've been spending more time outside and I've been putting him in his pack n play to keep him safe and contained...well, that worked about once. Once he figured out he could be out of it and crawling on the grass, he has fussed every time! He loves to be a part of the action and thinks he's big enough to keep up with Beau. 

His ten month birthday was spent on a special date with Nana while Beau and I took care of something important at home...the first day of potty training! eeek! We're only a week in but I'll do an update here on that soon. :) I'm sure you can't wait! haha

Anyway, he's just effortlessly sweet and can do no wrong. Time is going so fast! 

Here's what we were up to this month:

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