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Thursday, November 16, 2017

beau lately

I was looking through my photos to find some for Davis' 4 month update and I found a bunch of great ones of Beau. Since I don't do monthly updates for Beau anymore I figured I could just share them in a random occasional photo dump here. Here's our life over the last couple of months!
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Beau LOVES getting down on the floor with Davis. He loves to lay next to him, play with his toys, squeal 'hiiiii, bubba!' in his face, and demonstrate his ability to roll over, just like Davis can. ;) 

Beau went through a MAJOR puzzle phase. So much that I bought out the toddler puzzles at a consignment sale and I'm still hoarding some for a rainy day! ha!

Beau's Nana (my mom) bought him this suitcase for his birthday so he had the proper luggage to go stay at her house. He loves it!

"go tech, go tech!" :)

There was no shortage of Halloween attire this year, of course.

We spent the day at the lake with Mark's parents and our nephew, Luke!

Beau had SO much fun following Luke around and Luke was gracious enough to share his light saber with him! :)

Beau's into Halloween as much as mama is!

We took him to Chick fil A for their 'touch a truck' event and he was too excited to speak! He LOVED it and still talks about the 'woo-woo' at CFA. 

We are really enjoying living close to my grandparents. They came for a visit and Beau was putting Memaw to use as his puzzle assistant!

Nana brought him this Mickey from Disney World and he found the perfect spot for it while Davis was sleeping!

Beau had his 5th scan at Scottish Rite in October and brought Mickey along for the ride. 

I had an unexpected trip to Discount Tire and brought the perfect toy ;)

Mark has had this hat for most of his life and he had to let the next generation try it out!

Beau sleeps with all of these in his crib (he has slowly accumulated one at a time) and also takes them to Nana's and plays with them during the day.

Our neighbors had a petting zoo for their 2 year old's birthday party. Beau LOVED it. He was pretty shy at first but wanted to leave the party inside to go back out and see the cow!

Enjoying the bubbles at Mark's work party...

...and sporting a new head accessory after a fall down the stairs. Eeek!