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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

davis jeffrey | ten months

10 months! Only about a week late on this one. :)

10 months has been busy. and EXHAUSTING! This boy is on. the. MOVE. He is super speedy crawling 100% on hands and knees now. He's pulling up to his feet on anything he can and he's 'cruising' around the furniture. 

(we take our dental hygiene very seriously...also it helps us to sit still!)

He started waving and clapping and wants everything to do with sitting in your lap or at least being involved in whatever is going on. 

He LOVES his brother and tries to play with/on him at all times. I am the constant mediator. I can't wait until he's big enough to hold his own with Beau! 

He's really into doors right now...ha! He likes to open and shut them and often gets stuck on a side that he doesn't want to be on. He also loves batting balls and other small toys around the room and chasing after them, much like a cat...

I forgot to mention in his 9 month update that he has a tooth!!! I hadn't been checking because I assumed he would be like his brother and get teeth later on (Beau was 11 months) but as I was consoling him on one of our road trips, he put my hand in his mouth and I felt something very sharp! It was his bottom tooth, front and center and fully emerged. It is sharp! He's working on the others at the moment but I don't *think* any have come through yet. 

He's been way more interested in food and pretty much begs for it now. He's getting at least 50% in his mouth...he's getting better at using a sippy cup, too. I'm totally clueless on how to 'wean' him from formula since Beau was breastfed at this time. I'm trying to just give it when he seems to need it and hopefully solid food will start to take up more of his appetite. Otherwise I'll start incorporating water and I'll probably try my luck with cow's milk pretty soon. I'm ready to get this elemental formula off of our payroll!

(don't worry, he only crawled off the chair twice in this photoshoot...)

Davis has been taking 2 naps a day. Once around 10am and another around 2 or so. It's magic when he and Beau are napping at the same time! 

His hair is out of control curly and wispy, just like mine! I know from experience there is no taming that mane so we just let it do it's thing. He has the sweetest ringlets at the back and I think I'll cry when we have to cut them. Mark is ready to cut it now because Davis gets mistaken for a girl but come on...His hair isn't THAT long. The times he's been called a girl (for the most part) were when he was wearing colors like coral or yellow. I don't dress him SUPER masculine so it's to be expected. I'm not cutting his hair for a while! It's too sweet!

We've been spending more time outside and I've been putting him in his pack n play to keep him safe and contained...well, that worked about once. Once he figured out he could be out of it and crawling on the grass, he has fussed every time! He loves to be a part of the action and thinks he's big enough to keep up with Beau. 

His ten month birthday was spent on a special date with Nana while Beau and I took care of something important at home...the first day of potty training! eeek! We're only a week in but I'll do an update here on that soon. :) I'm sure you can't wait! haha

Anyway, he's just effortlessly sweet and can do no wrong. Time is going so fast! 

Here's what we were up to this month:

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spring things

Well apparently we have been BUSY this Spring! Here's the rundown of what we've been up to:

We visited Houston for my cousin's wedding and explored the children's museum and a park before heading to the fun wedding!

Beau went to his first wedding. Favorite moments include: 

-when I was explaining what a wedding was...two people get married and live together and have babies and he proclaimed "awww, like bubba!!!" with excitement. 

-as the bridal party was exiting the wedding ceremony and people had clapped, he asked where they were going. I said they were going to take pictures and then go to a party. Then I remembered a crucial part of weddings and told him there would be cake! He exclaimed "YAY!!!" and started clapping. 

-dancing like a crazy man and staring with awe during the first dance

A series of photos with Weston, his second cousin, just 3 weeks younger than him.

my sweet boy!

We stayed in a cute carriage house in the Heights and spent Sunday morning exploring the super cute wooden park before we headed home. 

Beau had his bi-annual sonogram

We celebrated Griffin's birthday at PlayStreet Museum

We spent lots of time playing at home and perfecting our 'guns up'!

We had a museum play date...

Learned how to play nicely with brother...

Tortured Daddy...

Went to the park and the library...

Shared our first 'car cart' with brother

Checked out a food truck park

Spent more time at the FW museum in our special museum shirts

made our first move on our friend Bella...

Had another museum playdate!

Spent a night celebrating the April birthdays in McKinney....

...and sported our Netherlands jersey in honor of Daddy's family. 

Whew. I told you we've been busy! We're gearing up for a fun summer full of 1st and 3rd birthdays, beach trips, and lots of swimming. Can't wait!
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