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Saturday, August 17, 2019

home tour | playroom

About once a month, I get that “nesting” urge you hear about during pregnancy. The difference is that this time, I’m feeling and looking like I’m a full 9 months pregnant so I rarely complete the task!

I finally had the urge to vacuum, mop, and clean up our playroom. I ordered some curtains final sale from Anthropologie and was ready to hang those up.

Our playroom NEVER looks this clean. It takes a lot of effort to get the boys to return it to this state after we play every day, so I knew I needed to photograph it while I had the chance! 

Everything in this playroom is second hand or in sub-par shape because it’s our playroom. The couch was the first one we bought when we bought our first house and apparently it’s like catnip to our cat. It’s barely hanging on! We got the entertainment center, rug, leather chair, teepee, and ottoman from Facebook marketplace/craigslist. We spend most of our time in here and it needs to be kid friendly!

I decided to go with black and white decor because the rest of our house is pretty neutral and the bright toys would have competed too hard with any other decor! We haven’t painted this room yet and I dread the day I decide to...one of the previous owners painted over the beadboard - latex over oil-based - and it is peeling like crazy. It’s in horrible shape and I think it would be easier to rip off the beadboard and start over rather than try to strip it and paint it! 

That’s about it! You can find us here most of the time; playing, watching tv, and hanging out as a family!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

davis jeffrey | T W O

Oh, my heart. 

Things have been crazy lately and this little boy turning TWO just snuck up on me! Davis is TWO!!!

Life with Davis started out rough. His eating issues took a toll on me and the first few months with him were hard! Davis, however, was sweet as can be through all of it and he is even sweeter now. I've always used the word 'sweet' to describe him because it just fits him so well!

Davis is so smart. He has been speaking in full sentences for months now and blows me away with his vocabulary and how he uses it all the time. He'll tell me "I lub you, mama" and "I see a moose, mama" when looking at pictures. He quickly learned how to express himself and it's been so interesting and eye-opening to have a one year old that can get his point across so well. 

I know I'm in the middle of baby pictures, but it doesn't change the fact that Davis is STUBBORN. Oh my word, he takes after his mama. Davis thinks it's his way or the highway so we've definitely had our moments leading up to turning two. If Davis doesn't want to hold your hand in the parking lot, he will drop down to the ground. If Davis doesn't want to leave, he will scream "NOOOO!" and run the other direction, sometimes giggling all the way. Davis pretty much does what Davis wants to do, except when Mark and I feel like putting up a fight!

Despite his stubbornness, he's still the victim to Beau. Beau picks on his little brother every day and it drives me nuts! Davis does a good job defending himself and knows how to get his brother in trouble, but I'm ready for the day that they're closer to the same size and can work out their differences without my intervention. 

Even so, Davis LOVES Beau. He copies everything he does and says. He thinks he's the funniest thing and loves to wrestle and pick on him, to a point (usually the point where Beau gets too aggressive and Davis gets hurt). Davis also sticks up for Beau and shares pretty well. He'll tell us that something is Beau's, like "that's Beau's cup" or "Beau's blue monster truck" even if we aren't asking. He's always looking out for Beau's interest. 

Davis has been sensing a change around here for awhile and has become the ultra mama's boy. He's soooo loving and sweet and loves to give hugs and snuggles, but he's been extra clingy to mama lately. He often turns down Mark or Nana or anyone else in favor of mama, even if he's been with me all day. I think it's going to be a big adjustment to go from being the baby to being the second oldest!

Davis started climbing out of his crib around 20 months old and from that point on refused to stay in it. We had just found out I was pregnant so we planned on bunking him up with Beau anyway, so we just moved up the transfer. Beau sleeps in the top bunk and Davis sleeps in the bottom bunk with a rail on it. The transition was SO easy, it was basically nothing. They both love sharing a room and the novelty still hasn't worn off. 

Davis and I have been in a 'mommy and me' swim class this summer and he is starting to love the water! He's not quite as brave off the bat as Beau is in the water but with a little practice and encouragement, he really enjoys himself. 

Davis is GREAT at playing independently and even playing with Beau and other kids until he starts getting picked on. He has a full imagination and can spend long periods of times playing with cars and trains and trucks; all while making the required noises, of course. 

Davis waited to discover books until about 18 months old but he loves looking at pictures by himself or bringing it over to one of us, plopping in our lap, and demanding 'read it!'. He hasn't shown much interest in puzzles or coloring or things like that, which is just different from Beau at his age. He does LOVE to be outside, though. He could stay out there all day and play in Motley's big water bowl! haha

Davis can be shy at times and reminds me of Mark in many ways. He's more reserved but can completely turn into a big ham when he's comfortable with the room of people he is in. He resembles Mark in a lot of ways. He can sleep wherever, and he enjoys his sleep! He's never fought naps or bedtimes and often falls asleep in the car or the stroller before we're done with whatever outing we had planned for the day. 

Davis has been such a blessing to our family and I have loved getting to see his personality bloom especially over the past year. I can't wait to see how he steps into his role as big brother in a few months and I just hope that he has a tight bond with all of his brothers for all of his life. I love you big, Davis! Happy Birthday sweet boy!!!

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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Baby B part three and four

Well, whaddya know, I'm pregnant! (I'm a little late sharing to the blog world, but we've been public since 11 weeks!) 

I had been waffling on adding #3 to our family ever since Davis came along. Mark and I would talk at random about it but we never really decided for sure. Well, it was decided for us! We found out in early March that we were expecting. 

We slowly started to let the news leak out to family and a few close friends. I confided in a friend and mentioned to Mark a couple of times that this pregnancy was different, and that I just "hope it's not twins". Well, I guess I said that a few too many times...

It's twins! We were shocked at my 9 week ultrasound to see two babies in there. That same day, we bought a minivan! We jumped straight into preparation mode. 

We found out via blood test around 11 weeks that we have fraternal boys cooking in there. I don't know what it is about my uterus and boys, but it is what it is and we're excited about a house full of chaos! I'll never have to carry in groceries again...;)

We've since sold our SUV, redecorated the nursery (with TWO cribs!), moved Davis into Beau's room and added bunk beds. I feel like I cannot prepare myself enough to have twins and four children (barely) four and under, so I'm trying to take care of everything I have control over now!

My first trimester was rough with early symptoms like dizziness, head/face/scalp acne (beautiful, I know), nausea, loss of appetite, and exhaustion. Second trimester has been much better and I can sometimes find something that is appetizing to eat! I feel MUCH bigger at this point (20 weeks) than I did with my previous pregnancies, of course. The discomfort is already here to stay and I'm just trying to power through every day, knowing that each day the babies stay inside is so beneficial for them. 

Beau and Davis are so excited. Beau actually understands the concept this time and will kiss my belly, pray for the babies, and talk about them a lot. Sometimes he will claim that he has babies in his tummy to con me out of a snack or something like that. Davis talks about the babies and that there are two of them (as he holds up both pointer fingers) but of course he doesn't really understand quite yet. He'll be two this month!

So that's our exciting update! We are praying these boys grow steadily and are born at a healthy weight and with no complications. Twin pregnancy is a lot harder and a lot more complicated and risky but so far we've been blessed with good doctors appointments and scans. Thank heavens for little boys!

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travel diaries | destin 2019

Hello! My name's Diana and this is my trusty ol' blog. I had to dust off some cobwebs, but here I am! We have LOTS to catch up on. ;)

After our amazing trip with friends last year, I was dying to get back to Destin this summer. We ended up booking a small 1 bdrm townhouse on the beach and headed down in early May with just the four of us. 

Again, we are SO grateful that we have a friend that lets us use his buddy passes with Southwest...but this was the first time we had any trouble getting to our destination and it was a long day! Mark and I had to split up. I took Beau on the early flight to Panama City Beach and Mark and Davis stayed behind. We were hopeful they would get on the next flight but unfortunately they didn't get there until about 6pm that night. Anyway, Beau and I made the best of it with a stop to eat and stretch our legs in Rosemary Beach. 

Meanwhile, Mark won Dad of the Year by hanging back with Davis at the airport for 8 hours...

Beau and I ran all of our grocery errands, etc. and unloaded ALL of the luggage while we waited for the other two to fly in. Finally we were reunited and we started our beach vacay the next morning!

We took it nice and easy, had no plans, and just enjoyed the beach, the waves, and the salty air. 

Some nights we ate in, others we walked down the beach for dinner. We ended almost every night with a beach walk!

Our view from our balcony:

Every day, Beau would BEG Mark to dig him a tide pool and every day, Mark would end up frustrated with Beau because he would end up knocking sand back into the hole. 

One day, both boys were a little grumpy and didn't want to play very much. They both ended up sitting in our laps and before we knew it, they were both asleep! We basked in the silence and the snuggles until I couldn't take it anymore. 

Beau and I went inside to each lunch and take a real nap while Mark didn't dare move a muscle. Davis ended up sleeping on him out on the beach for 3 hours! I even brought Mark some lunch and refreshments. He loved all of the snuggles!

Oh yeah, and I'm pregnant! I turned 12 weeks during our trip. More on that later...

We love staying ON the beach because we can take advantage of the beach while the kids nap. Our baby monitor situation didn't work out this time but Mark and I switched off afternoons of having the beach to ourselves. It was heaven. 

One night, it was supposed to storm so we took the kids to an indoor black light putt-putt. We had the best intentions but the big room, balls, golf clubs, black lights, etc. posed too much of a temptation for the boys and it was a hot mess of us chasing two toddlers around. ha!

On the last morning we had breakfast al fresco in our pajamas, cleaned up, said bye to the beach, and headed out together. Luckily our flight home was wide open and we made it back with no problems!

Bye, beach! Until next time! <3

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