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Monday, October 1, 2018

travel diaries | destin - the movie

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travel diaries | destin - part three

We were all itching to get to the beach on our last full day in Destin. We walked down and were greeted with the CALMEST water. This day just wasn't as windy as the rest so while it was the hottest day to sit on the beach (when otherwise it was quite pleasant), the water was still, crystal clear, and perfectly refreshing. 

It was what I would imagine some nice resort beaches in the Caribbean to look like!

The guys went full throttle into their best sand castle/beach pool yet. 

James giving Beau some constructive criticism... ;)

We were all SO PUMPED for such a great day!

We even busted out the baby float ($4 at Marshall's) and towed Davis around in the still water. He hadn't really gotten to just hang in the water until then!

We stretched the morning and after naps, some adult swim at the beach, and time on the balcony, we decided to forgo our plans for dinner about 45 minutes away and instead soaked up all the beautiful beach time we could. We ended up walking about a half mile down the beach for dinner on the patio at Pompano Joe's. 

We ended the night with headlamps and crab hunting. Most of us had no idea what we were in for, but it was so fun!!! 

We flew standby on Southwest for this trip which meant we were at the mercy of the crowds on flights. We ended up taking a 7am flight out of Pensacola, which was an hour drive from our hotel. Mark and I barely got any sleep since Beau ended up in our bed around 11pm after calling to us from the second floor. When our alarm went off at 3:45am to finish packing up, we found Beau's handiwork in the living room:

He must have had some fun by himself, in the dark, before waking us up! We are so glad he didn't get up to anything worse!

Davis and I tried to compensate on our first flight, en route to Nashville.

We had a bit of a layover in Nashville...

...another nap on another plane...

...and then we were home around 2:30pm on Friday. Beau caught up on his missed sleep on the way to the car!

We had an amazing, AMAZING time in Destin and we are so grateful to our friends for including us on this trip. Beau still thanks God in his prayers for letting us 'get on a plane and go to the beach' and we are hoping we can build on these memories year after year. Thanks for following along! 
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