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Saturday, February 17, 2018

davis jeffrey | seven months

WEIGHT: Unsure...but guessing 18.5 lbs
CLOTHING: Solidly in 6-12 months and 9 months!
DIAPERS: 4! I think we used one box of 3's. He's still sleeping in size 6's and needs every bit of them!

  • people watching
  • drinking milk
  • sitting up
  • attention
  • face grabbing
  • kisses on his face and belly
  • being held up or thrown up in the air
  • jumping/running in place in his bouncer
  • being on his tummy
  • spinning in circles
  • apples
  • pears
  • watching/laughing at Beau
  • watching the cat and dog

  • time in the highchair at a restaurant
  • first fruit (pear)
  • sitting up
  • sleeping on his stomach
  • snow! it snowed for about 5 minutes the other day. It didn't stick. It doesn't look like we will get snow this year :(
  • fort worth stock show visit
  • museum visit
  • birthday party (for someone else)
  • olympics!
  • Valentine's Day

He's making big strides in eating. We have done lots of pureed fruits and vegetables and he still has rice cereal every few days. I'm going to start trying more solid foods like bananas and such and work our way up. I'm super nervous about foods based on what we dealt with during his first few months of life but I know that now is the time to push ahead so he doesn't 'miss the bus' on all of these food related developmental milestones. Lately he's been taking more bottles and eating more purees so I think we will up how much he is eating so he can go longer stretches. I can't believe he's already at this point, it's so crazy! My brain needs to catch up.

Sleep has gotten slightly better...He did a 10 hour stretch (7-5) at one point but is pretty consistently doing 6-7 hours. I can't complain, it's better than it was a few months ago! He is liking to roll onto his stomach to sleep and most recently he's been circling his crib and I'll find him facing the complete opposite direction. I've been working hard on laying him down awake for naps and about 70% of the time he will put himself to sleep. If he's upset, though, he is pretty stubborn about not giving up crying and I end up having to spend 20 minutes soothing, rocking, and mission-impossible-style laying him down. At night he is almost always ready to go to bed so depending on what his eating schedule looked like that day he will either eat or not but he's pretty content to go into his crib in any state of consciousness. He's always in bed before 8, usually before 7, and occasionally before 6. He's pretty much up for the day by 8am. 

Things have been super chill on this front! No sicknesses so far. He's now had both of his flu shots and we are just praying that all of us are in the clear for this flu season. 

Beau and Davis are starting to interact even more and it's just the best. Davis is finally sitting up (!!!) so he can reach for more and Beau and he are about equal when it comes to playing with whatever toy is in front of them. We were at the doctor for Davis' second shot and Beau always plays with the train table. I realized I could finally set Davis down to play with the infant activity center and as soon as Beau saw that he left his trains and came over to play with Davis. SO CUTE!

Davis is all over the place and spins in circles constantly. He gets frustrated when a toy is out of reach and he is SO CLOSE to crawling. I wouldn't be surprised if he makes his first move in the next week. Ah! I'm not ready!

(here's a peek at his room...which of course I haven't gotten around to blogging yet!)

Ahhhh....this was the moment I've been waiting for. 7 months was one of my favorite stages with Beau and I'm so glad we are here with Davis! He is happy 98% of the time, he's sitting up and becoming more mobile. He's starting to eat with us and be a part of dinner time. He is getting on a better nap schedule (one in the morning and typically one long nap in the afternoon - he napped for 3.5 hours a few days ago!!!). Nighttime sleep is getting better. I felt like Beau really started turning into 'himself' (if that makes any sense) right about now. And Beau has been great too! We are actually thinking about things other than babies now. Mark painted a wall I've had on the list for 8 months, we're getting quotes for some work we want done outside, and life has really settled into a groove. I actually feel like I can handle life now! 

Here's Davis' monthly updates so far:
five months
six months

And for comparison, here's Beau at 6 months:

Of course, here's the photo dump!

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Monday, January 22, 2018

holidays are here part 2

Brace yourselves for picture overload!

We had a fun time in December trying to cram #allthethings into the holiday season. It was Beau's first real Christmas that he could understand what was happening and enjoy the anticipation of the season so we lived vicariously through him and did as much as we could to make the most of Christmas time.

Mark always tries to save the bulk of his vacation time for Christmas so he took 8 days around Christmas off as well as a random Monday and Friday here and there so we could do a few things without the crowds. 

Check out my post here with what we did for the first half of the holiday season.

After an early nap one day, we headed north to Grapevine to check out the Gaylord hotel. Lots of people in the area flock to the Gaylord for their huge layout, awesome decor, and tons of activities during Christmas. We had no plans except to wander around the hotel and basically let Beau lead us. They had miniature trains so of course that was the main attraction for Beau and we spent an hour and a half just enjoying the decorations and checking out the trains.

Santa was also there but since we had already seen him twice, we just waved and kept on going. Beau was so happy to see his old friend Saint Nick!

We circled around and Beau waved to Santa again!

After our tour of the Gaylord we headed to downtown Grapevine, the self-proclaimed "Christmas capital of Texas" and had a nice tex-mex dinner on the patio (#texaswinter) and then strolled around main street looking at lights and their cute holiday set-ups.

We didn't have huge expectations but ended up loving the low-key atmosphere and the freedom to let Beau explore without too many crowds or a hefty price. They even had fake snow in one area and we loved it!

Over the next few days we spent lots of time in holiday outfits (duh) and drove around the area looking at Christmas lights (we went to the Interlochen lights in Arlington...pro tip: go early on a weekday, like 6:30! no lines!)

We thoroughly enjoyed evenings by the light of the Christmas tree...

...and I tried to get creative with the classic 'baby plus Christmas lights' photo. 

Mark had another day off work so we headed to the mall and Beau got to ride the carousel and play with the toys in Santa's workshop.

Mark got to sneak away to his sister's house while I had a baby shower and Andrea got some cute pictures of these cousins in their matching Christmas jammies!

We love holidays because it means our friends are in town from Miami! We had the Dallas Zoo lights on our calendar for a few weeks and were SO happy when it arrived with 70 degree temperatures. We headed towards Dallas after an early nap to enjoy the zoo for a couple hours before it got dark. 

Beau and Emma are 8 weeks apart and Luke and Davis are also 8 weeks apart (although they were due 10 weeks apart). We have so much fun together when they are in town!

Once it got dark, the zoo was lit up with tons of lights. They had a train, a saxophone quartet, and all sorts of fun holiday festivities to keep us busy for several hours. I LOVED it and although it was the first year for the Dallas Zoo, I hope they bring it back year after year so we can make it a tradition. It was so great!

Christmas Eve was spent at Sunday morning church and then a day at our house with my family. 

Santa came late on Christmas Eve but he delivered! Cars for Beau and friends for Davis!

Beau was super consistent with his requests to Santa and other people, always answering with "cars" no matter the day. Santa got the message!

Davis got some toys and a Jellycat animal just like his brother. Beau sleeps with 'doggie' every night after Santa brought him last year so Davis needed a friend too!

Christmas day started with sickness (me) and hives (Davis) but ended with a nice cozy night with Mark's family (where I took no pictures but a great time was had). 

Later that week, we had big plans for Holiday in the Park with my family. My sister gets season tickets to Six Flags and had enough extra tickets for us to tag along so we crossed our fingers for a fun time for Beau's first visit. He LOVED it, cried when we left, and has talked about it pretty much every day since. We live about 5 minutes away and seeing the roller coasters on almost every drive has been tough...season passes are in the works for this boy in the future!

Last, but not least, we closed out the year celebrating with my dad's side of the family in Fort Worth. We've grown so large that we had to rent out a high school gym for our get-together this year...but we always enjoy the time spent catching up with family.

We're NEVER able to get every single person of the family in the same state at the same time, but this was our group this year. We missed everyone that couldn't make it dearly but enjoyed our time with those that were there. 

Cheers to a great 2018!

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