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Sunday, September 17, 2017

davis jeffrey | two months

GROWTH dmariebuchanan@gmail.comImage Map

  • WEIGHT: I'd guess around 11lbs. Doctor visit is later this week so I'll update when we know! He's still really small, Beau was about 15lbs at this time! 
  • CLOTHING SIZE: 0-3 months
  • DIAPER SIZE: size 1


  • eating 
  • being held up so he can look around
  • watching beau
  • having his hands by his face
  • being held 100% of the time
  • shadows
  • his travel sound machine
  • the mamaroo
  • the rockaroo
  • our bouncer with the sheep activity bar (he LOVES!)
  • the boppy lounger
  • smiling at faces
  • kicking in his bouncers


  • smile - 6 weeks
  • trip to the store with Beau and mommy - Kroger, 8 weeks old
  • slept 8 hours straight from 8pm-4am. I'm hoping he can do that more while I'm asleep and we can officially count it as sleeping through the night!


  • Officially on formula once his allergies showed they were stubborn enough not to quit (TMI - blood in his diaper at 7.5 weeks). Basically it was either I eliminate everything from my diet and start over with the very basic ingredients and build up over several months, or he goes on a hypoallergenic formula. My mind, body, and emotional state couldn't take it any more so we made the best choice for us and he's on Nutramigen. Now, all the formula mamas speak up! It's a foreign world to me and I don't know the best way to travel, feed him, get him to go 4 hours between feeds, how much to give him, etc. etc. It's a definite learning curve. Right now he eats between 2-4 ounces every 2-4 hours. If we're at home he seems to want to eat more but if we are out and about he can easily go 5 hours just snoozing in his car seat with no worries. Also, what bottles should I be using and why? Beau had just ONE bottle the munchkin latch so we now have a few of those. I also picked up some tommee tippee so we have 4 of those, plus one Avent. I can't really tell which ones are best. Also, how many should we have? Help!

  • immediately slept 3 and 4 hour stretches in his rock and play the day we put him on formula (he had slept in bed, latched on, the two nights before)
  • swaddled in a swaddleme sack with his arms down. I don't think he likes it as much as Beau liked being swaddled but he tolerates it and has his little fingers breaking out by about 5am.
  • we got a Hatch Baby Rest from Amazon and I'm really liking it, so that means he is too! 
  • he naps on and off throughout the day and is usually woken up by Beau screaming (insert eye roll here)


  • ENT says to wait on the lip tie situation, it's an in-depth surgery that requires anesthesia so he wants to see him back in 6 months. He says its a minor tie and might not need revising.
  • OMT seems a little like a waste at this point (the whole idea was to make it more comfortable for me when nursing and help him be more efficient - all pointless now!)
  • his spitting up seemed to increase on days 1-3 on formula but has since died down. He hasn't had a big spit up in a couple of days! 
  • definitely happier and a different baby on the formula compared to before. 


  • He loves being held, still, and likes to look at people's faces and give big smiles. Loves when you talk to him and he will coo back at you. 


  • Things have definitely changed in this section compared to my post about his first month. I still feel like we have a hangover from all of the craziness with his allergy and nursing issues, but it's so much better now. I feel like the last 9 weeks were an emotional roller coaster and we are still a bit on pins and needles hoping that we've fixed the issue by switching to formula. It was all a mess of emotions; seeing the blood in the diaper, feeling hopeless (and hungry, to be honest!) after eliminating dairy for 6 weeks with no results, standing in the store cluelessly staring at the formula on the shelf, thinking "well, maybe I'll wait...", and then finally giving him that first bottle. I had such an easy time breastfeeding Beau and always assumed I'd do the same with Davis. I felt like with my previous experience, we could get through all of the latching issues and tongue tie and all that but I just couldn't go up against allergies. It's hard to not have control in that situation. I still think that breastfeeding is wonderful and easy and free and the best nutrition for your baby, but formula is coming in pretty dang handy right now. It means my baby can sleep, breathe, doesn't have a constant stomach ache, isn't doing damage to his intestines...and it also means that I can enjoy my baby without the emotional distress I was facing. Now, I'm tasked with the daunting chore of appealing to our insurance company to cover the cost of a hypoallergenic and medically necessary formula. Any tips? 

And in case you're thinking he looks like Beau, here's Beau's two month update for comparison. 

Here's what we've been up to over the past month:

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Monday, September 11, 2017

beau andrew | two years old

(taken at Easter by our talented friend Brad)

Today is a day of catching up on things and that includes my blog posts! I started writing this post a couple of weeks before Beau's birthday with the intention of taking some good photos of him and posting it on his birthday...but time got away from me. Things are still a little crazy right now (I'll update you next week in Davis' 2 month update) so I'm just now getting around to posting this, and I never took good photos! Oh well. It is what it is! 

Beau turned two last Friday on September the 8th. He is growing by leaps and bounds and is shocking me every day with what he is soaking up. I've tried making a list of things he's doing right now so I can always remember him at this age but it is definitely not complete! He is turning out to be a sweet little boy that loves to hug and kiss, likes to show off and get some laughs (after he warms up to the room), enjoys adults over children most of the time, and can work a mean puzzle! His obsession with trains lasted almost 2 months and he has now moved on to puzzles. He still loves his Thomas the train and cars and construction equipment, too! He loves to be by my side most of the day and brings his toys to follow me around the house when I'm changing diapers or doing laundry. When Mark gets home, all bets are off and it's time to wrestle! Beau loves to tell stories and will use just a few words to tell you about something that had happened in the past, like when Haha played trains on the floor with him, or when he fell on the ground...it's always funny seeing him remember and describe things in his own way. I could go on and on but I'll save it for his baby book! Here's what he's up to:

things beau says:

-some colors: blue (he's been calling things blue for months!), black, purple, yellow, pink, grey, red (sounds like 'yeah'), green
-nana, 'poppa' (pandy-my dad), gibi, haha, gigi, 'ti' (chris), 'oh-ah' (noah), audrey, mot-mot (motley), kitty, bubba (brother), pawpaw, mama, dada, beau
-ey-ya (his friend ellie)
-"are you?" (where are you?)
-please, thank you, yes, no, help, more (he signs most of these as well but is still signing 'play' and not saying it), sit (while pointing at the floor)
-truck, tractor, car, vroom, choo-choo, ta-ta (thomas), go-ga (gordon), percy, bob bil-ba (bob the builder), melmo (elmo), mi-mee (mickey) 
-'yuh-yuh' with a scrunched up nose, for yucky
-mac-mac (mac and cheese), 'sss' (cheese), 'ca-ca' hot dog OR avocado...these are similar, apple, nana (banana), cookie, za (pizza), milk, agua (seriously sounds like this when he says water), bar, still signing hungry
-night night, bye-bye, 'side' (outside)
dmariebuchanan@gmail.com Image Map

things beau does:

-climbs out of his crib (as of 8/22)
-'smells' (combo of blowing through his teeth and sniffing) flowers, plants, stinky feet (thanks to dad)
-gives open mouth kisses frequently to mom, dad, and brother
-'loves', 'snuggles', or hugs us all frequently as well
-shows his muscles
-puts his arms out to fly around like a plane
-puts his arms straight behind him to fly like when daddy carries him around
-holds his hands out with palms up and touching and says 'yol'? for when he wants to hold something, usually Davis
-holds his hands up to us and says our names when he wants us to pick him up
-says "two!" when we ask him how old he is and holds up his hand with all five fingers splayed
-identifies 1, 2, and 3 plus B ("stands for Beau")

helping mama put together shelves for Davis' nursery

praying for his food ;)

modeling his Thomas jammies from Nana

early morning watching Thomas

being silly in Dada's hat, passed down from Haha

the morning of his birthday!