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Monday, August 31, 2015

since I blogged last...

Not much has happened. 

My office threw Mark and me a super fun baby shower complete with all of my cravings during pregnancy:

I said my goodbyes last Thursday and transitioned into my role as a stay at home mom with a few days to spare before actually becoming a mom. It's nice to relax and get some things accomplished but OY am I anxious!!!

I've since gone to not one but TWO children's consignment sales and scored about 30 outfits for less than $100. #bargainhunter

(I didn't buy this, just snapped a picture to send to my mom)

I've also been a little overzealous in the subject of dog pictures:

We've taken a few walks to try and encourage things to get moving but with no luck so far. This time is so frustrating and trying because we know life will take a crazy turn at any moment! I feel like I'm just twiddling my thumbs over here and I can't focus on much of anything. "Baby go-time" is pretty much 100% on my mind! I'm SO ready to meet this little booger that we've been prepping for for 9 months!

Happy Monday!

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