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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

31 week bumpdate

(taken at 30 weeks 3 days)

We're in the thick of things now, and officially in the single digit weeks! Yikes! I go back and forth every day on whether I'm ready for labor and this new life or not. It's exciting but scary all at the same time! Baby boy is active as usual and is getting to the point where he makes me jump or hurts me with some of his swift kicks. I'm down to bi-weekly doctor's appointments now and thankfully he isn't measuring WAY big anymore. I keep having fears that he weighs something crazy like 5 pounds already and he is supposed to gain 1/2 a pound every week now. Eeks! We have an ultrasound now in 6 weeks, which will put me at 37 weeks. How crazy is it that full term is just 6 weeks from now? LOTS of things on my mind this week!

How far along:  thirty-one weeks!!!

Size of babe: a pineapple! Yikes!

Gender: Mr. Man! (name is still a secret! shhhh!) I'll show y'all part of his coming home outfit soon :)

Husband: He's got this daddy-to-be thing down! He was super helpful on our trip and was very protective over me in the airport, around town, and at the cottage. I couldn't ask for anything better!

Maternity Clothes: Definitely! I'm pretty much in tank tops all the time now. I also wore these linen pants that I ordered last week on the plane and they are pretty awesome! They have mixed reviews but they were super comfy, not see-through (I ordered the coral color) and long enough for this 5'-9" girl. The waistband isn't super tight elastic but that's kind of a win these days on this big belly. They stayed up just fine on me. Bonus: they are super light and cool for summer!

Stretch Marks: Still none on my abdomen but definitely some on my chest. I'm hoping these disappear or at least fade one day!

Loving: ice cold drinks, hot baths, sitting in his nursery, and getting his coming home outfit!!!

Loathing: Wearing clothes, getting out of bed, bending over, getting up from being seated.

Belly Button: Flat most of the time. Mark called me out when I was in my comfies at the cottage and said it was an outie but I still deny it! It was just 'bumpier' that day. ;)

Movement: Of course! Getting more painful now, too. I still can't exactly tell where he is located all the time, but sometimes I can feel his booty and I can pretty much tell the difference between feet and hands. He's having the hiccups more now, which is always fun to feel!

Symptoms: Lots of upper rib pain. We took a boat ride on Sunday and while I didn't have any pain, my stomach tensed up at one point and I'm guessing it could have been a Braxton-Hicks contraction? I'm not really sure...but it's kind of weird that we are starting to get close enough to start expecting that sort of thing!

Best Part of the Week: Pretty much Thursday-Monday last/this week was awesome. We spent countless hours engaging in TRUE relaxation and it was pure greatness. I took a ton of pictures so be sure to check back over the next several days for the recap!

Worst Part of the Week: I told Mark we need to figure out a way to fly first class from now on because that flight was TORTURE. It doesn't help that planes are getting smaller while I'm getting bigger. I'm just thankful we didn't go on vacation any later!

Missing Most: My ability to do lots of things like walk quickly, fit into a kayak, and go down slippery steps without having to move like an 80 year old. All of that happened on our vacation and it just made it all the more real!

Can't wait for: I know I was just on vacation for a week, but I'm looking forward to the upcoming 3 day weekend as well as the 4th of July! Growing up, the 4th was always a HUGE day and I'm excited to celebrate it!


       week 16                                week 17                                        week 18

    week 19                                week 20                                   week 21


                      week 22                                                      week 23

week 24                                 week 25                               week 26

   week 27                                   week 28                                 week 29 

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