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Monday, August 17, 2015

the weekend | FREESHIP code!

Hey y'all!

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Things were super low-key this weekend so not much to report...Mark and I got out of the house on Saturday for a 2 year old's birthday party and that's about it! I don't want to say that we're just 'waiting on baby' because I feel like I'll lose my patience if I admit to that, but we are just taking it easy at the moment! 

Here's what I managed to do/capture from the weekend:

I sent Mark this on Friday night after seeing it on Facebook and thought it was pretty fitting of myself! lol #hangry

I received THE pants and wore them ALL weekend! They aren't even maternity and they are SO comfy! I'm wearing them with the band up for more coverage/support on my belly but I'll be folding them down after baby. I'm also totally going for the floral leggings next. Yes please!

Y'all, they're $15 and Old Navy/Gap/Banana Republic is running a 40% off sale that ends today. Get them, you won't regret it! SO comfy and especially nice and long for us tall girls (I'm 5'-9")!!!

So Friday night I came home, put on my new pants, and started nesting. I'm either antsy and cleaning or totally zonked, worn out, and laying around. I took advantage of the nesting instinct and went ham on the kitchen. I mean y'all - I spent 30 minutes scrubbing (and I do mean SCRUBBING with all of my might) our glass-top stove to get YEARS of cooked-on grime off of it. It felt awesome. I was sweaty.

Mark and I did a big grocery run and I also finished up some super pretty camera straps. I'm tempted to just keep them all to myself!

If you aren't aware, I have an Etsy shop. I mostly focus on pretty, custom camera straps but am always looking into new things. I plan to keep my shop on the side (and hopefully grow it even more!) once I transition into my 'new position' and I'd love for your support! 

I'm busy stocking the shop right now and I want to offer FREE shipping until Friday, August 21st with code FREESHIP. I love doing custom orders too so please feel free to message me with any ideas or requests! If you want something in particular but you want me to to source the material, I'm cool with that too! Just let me know. And thanks for your support!!! xoxo

Happy Monday!


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