wonderfully made: baby's closet | a work in progress

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

baby's closet | a work in progress

Since the day we found out we were expecting, this little munchkin has been spoiled. Between friends, family (rarely a visit with my mother goes by that she doesn't give me something for baby B), and this mama's shopping luck, this kid is going to be well dressed!

I've had TONS of luck shopping JBF sales (just two under my belt so far) and scoring on two GAP sales. JBF is great if you need anything for a baby/child because they have it all. If you're on a super tight budget, you can find some amazing steals. If you're like me and you like good deals but you're picky, you can still find some great stuff! Between my different trips to JBF and online GAP sales, I average about $3 a piece for baby's clothes (and he has the closet to prove it). 

These were my latest steal at the last JBF sale and they just might be my favorite purchase ever (I want them in every size now):

For now, they sit proudly on his dresser just waiting for him to come home!

It's been a constant struggle to figure out how to organize a baby's closet so I tweak it a little pretty much every day. I picked up some baby laundry detergent and washed everything without tags on it and so now it's the time to really get organized! Here's baby's closet (still a work in progress)

We bought the house with the ClosetMaid shelving in it and it works for now so we are staying with it! I desperately wanted to paint the closet when we redid the room but didn't get around to it. Maybe one day? For now, the floor holds a bin of clothes from 9 months and up and another bin with blankets, sheets, etc. that we don't need in immediate reach (there is a basket in his room with blankets we'll be using more often). I picked up the gold chevron baskets at Ross and one will hold dirty clothes and the other holds bibs (how do we have so many bibs already?!)

I've hung up most of his clothes with the exception of lounge pants, solid onesies, and sleepers. These are his newborn up to 9 months clothes. Like I said, spoiled!

I wasn't sure if I needed or wanted month dividers for the clothes but I found myself constantly looking through them trying to determine a size so I finally dug through my craft bin and whipped these up in about 15 minutes this weekend. They are nothing special, just striped paper glued to yellow cardstock and I measured the rod and made a little template for the hole. I divided up the clothes by month and then wrote it on there!

I didn't feel like making a set for every stage so I wrote some of the larger sizes (not yet in the closet) on the back of the dividers for the smallest sizes so I can just switch them around once I change up his closet. Super easy and it totally works for me!

We've also got stacks (on stacks, on stacks....top shelf of diapers not pictured) of diapers thanks to my major score during the Target baby sale! I'm hoping that saved me lots of money!

And see that stuff in the corner? That's my 75% packed hospital bag!!! Yikes! I can't believe I'm already at this point!

So that's the closet and the state of baby B's clothes today. I'm sure it will change a ton and there will be much more need for organization soon, but this works for now! We just can't wait to add a baby to the mix!
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