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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

davis' newborn photos

I'm a little late posting these but my sister took some photos of us before Davis turned a week old and I love them! I'm so glad we got a few candid family shots. Thanks, Angela!

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davis jeffrey | one month

GROWTH dmariebuchanan@gmail.com Image Map

  • WEIGHT: 8lbs 5.5oz, up 14.5oz from birth and finally gaining some good weight!
  • CLOTHING SIZE: newborn
  • DIAPER SIZE: newborn, size 1 at night

  • eating 
  • sleeping
  • being warm
  • having his hands by his face
  • being held 100% of the time
  • shadows
  • the rain feature on the sound machine on my phone


  • everything!


  • mama's milk, every 2.5-4 hours for at least 40 minutes each time.

  • likes to nap during the day a lot
  • sleeps easily when it's warm and in the car seat, as long as it's not TOO long or too close to another mealtime
  • doesn't really enjoy sleeping by himself (next to our bed) at night. oy.
  • likes to nurse in bed allllllll night long, which sometimes I have to do to get some rest. 


  • born at 7lbs 7oz
  • tongue tie revision at 1 week
  • lactation consult at 2 weeks for latch issues
  • slow weight gain at 2 weeks
  • possible food allergy noticed at 2 weeks (mama cut out dairy)
  • suspected lip tie noticed at 4 weeks
  • Osteopathic Manipulation scheduled for this week
  • Pediatric appointment scheduled for this week, hopefully to assess possible allergy
  • ENT follow up this week and hopefully lip tie revision
  • (its been a busy month)
  • lots of gas and spit up going on over here!


  • Davis isn't very social yet but will gladly accept anyone that will hold him!


  • This is the hard one! I realize now that I was blindly hopeful/confident that Davis would be a lot like Beau as a baby. Beau was a pretty easy baby all around and I never had to worry about nursing or really much else, other than the normal growth spurts, gassiness, etc. that just comes with any newborn. Davis has been much more challenging from day one and I am finding myself getting really frustrated/beat down over it. Also, it's a lot harder to feel like I'm bonding with him when I also have a toddler tugging on me saying 'mama' and trying to get me to play with him every moment of the day (not a complaint on Beau, I don't blame him!). Davis has had a lot of nursing/latching/possible allergy/gas problems and it's just been a whole lot different and a whole lot more difficult than I expected. My parents have been super helpful by taking Beau to spend the night (which he LOVES) at least once a week and I feel a little guilty because Beau has overall been great with the adjustment; it's really Davis that is making this transition to two more challenging (sorry, Davis!). That being said, I am keeping in mind that we are in the trenches right now, the 4-6 week period that (at least with Beau) is the hardest and the big hump in the road before everything starts getting easier. Once those smiles start coming, it gets a lot better! I am looking forward to that!

 Commence photo dump from the past month...

my parents with their preferred babies ;)