wonderfully made: 2017

Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 year in review

I always love these yearly recaps when I see them in other places on the internet and I've never done one until now. And it might be the one and only time I do one because ho-ly pictures. There are SO many, too many. My fingers are tired of scrolling because of course blogger doesn't load them in order.....

Just consider this my personal, overshared, messy, out of order, complicated scrapbook. And happy new year!


Our year started off with Beau's first snow! There was our first sonogram, a failed baby/gender reveal photoshoot, time at the lakehouse with Haha, plans to build a house (that fell through), a visit to the Fort Worth Stock Show, and sensory play in the kitchen.


February was all about relaxing. We spent time at the library, time playing soccer at the park with Daddy, and time sitting on the porch waiting for Spring!


March was playdates with Ellie, our first visit to the zoo, baby bumps, haircuts, Ellie's birthday party, new mattresses and playtime with Dada outside.


April was a BIG month for us. We put our house on the market, spent lots of time outside and with family, honed our skills hunting Easter eggs, bought a house, had scans at Scottish Rite, and had a great weekend camping with our small group.


In May we started swimming, started packing, started having contractions (at 30 weeks) followed by a little bed rest, and took a little babymoon.


In June we swam, we packed, we moved, we battled ear infections, we had 'the pit' dug under our house, and we tried to soak up our last few weeks in Richardson!


July was THE month (even though we had our doubts). We celebrated Independence day, unpacked and painted and moved in like crazy, took our last bump picture at 37 weeks, and then life MOSTLY halted on July 16th when Davis made his early appearance!


August was slower as we got used to our new normal, battled Davis' allergies, partied with cousins and just settled into our home and new life.


September was more adjustments and doctor appointments but we also got to celebrate Beau turning two!


October is a favorite month around here so we went big by doing ALL the 'fall' things like touching the trucks at Chick fil A, visiting the arboretum, fall fest-ing with cousins, trick or treating, more scans at Scottish Rite, and dressing the part.


November was work parties, head injuries, sibling rivalries, train adventures, cold snaps, and thankfulness.


We wanted to do December B-I-G for Beau's first memorable holiday season so we did ALL the things, with all the colds. We rode carousels, played with Dada's old tools, went to Stars games, went to Zoo Lights, celebrated Mark's birthday, wore all the festive matching clothes, and enjoyed our time together as a family. 

We had a wonderful year and can only hope that 2018 is just as great. I hope you all had a great and healthy year. Cheers to 2018 and Happy New Year!