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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lights, tables, action!

I mentioned a few weeks ago in my yearly house update that I would share more details about some updates later on and then I completely forgot about it! Sorry about that! I'm back today to share more about our dining/breakfast area. 

We've had a few changes here and I can't remember what I've shared so I'm just going to talk about it all!

Our kitchen is pretty large and includes a spacious eat-in area where we've placed our table as well as the coffee bar. For the last two years, we were using my parent's kitchen table which was passed down through family. I loved the chairs and ended up reupholstering them shortly after we moved in. My grandparents recently sold their home and 'downsized' so there was a lot of furniture up for grabs (including my favorite light ever!) and we ended up taking their round table. I always wanted a round table for this space because it's really all we need (and has leaves in case we need to seat more people) and I love how it feels in the space. We kept the chairs from my parent's table since I liked them so much!

We have tried out various rugs in this space but ended up sticking with this rug from Urban Outfitters. They have a great range of stylish rugs at really good prices, and this one is 20% off right now! I probably shouldn't have looked though because they have some new AMAZING aztec kilim rugs that I might die over. Maybe I can ask for one for Christmas?

The light above the dining table (and the kitchen in general - on move in day!) used to look like this:

After browsing online for two years, buying and returning one light, and not finding 'the one', I had a stroke of genius when I told Mark we should buy a light kit ($15 at Home Depot) and hang my DIY coffee-filter light above the table for now. I wasn't 100% sure it would be our long term fix, but I figured it was cheap enough and easy enough, so we did it. AND I LOVE IT!

Best. decision. ever. 

So anyway, that's the dining area as it stands now. Who knows, the next time I show you it might have an aztec rug! (shopping is dangerous). And maybe by this time next year I'll get around to showing you how I made that DIY light. Don't hold your breath!
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