wonderfully made: November 2013

Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!


If you saw my post yesterday, I'm doing a follow up today! I really appreciate all of the comments and the comments are still open! Please let me know your opinion, whether you like the idea or not! 

I did some research and it seems that painting the window frame is kind of a trend right now, and for good reason! Check it out:


I met my friend Macie for dinner at one of my favorite places last night. She is notoriously late so I passed the time by purchasing these below. Oops! :)


Texas weather. That's all I'm going to say:


I'm so proud of my hair growth....I sent this "selfie" to Emily yesterday and she was in pure shock that my hair was this long. My hair has a story of its own...I cut it three years ago into a bob (at my then-boyfriend/now husband's request) and I have mourned my long locks ever since. I still have a long way to go (thanks slowest growing hair EVER) but I'm finally happy with the length!


This isn't our house, but it will hopefully have something in common with it after this weekend...a ripped out backsplash!!! I'm crossing my fingers we get this far tomorrow so when we start the process after Thanksgiving, it will go quickly! 

Share your five things and link up with my favorite Red Raider blogger Darci


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury...

People of the Internet: I need your input!

I pinned this image about 5 months ago when we were closing on our home:

orange window

I LOVE how this looks and since then I've thought about painting my own window frame. I know there are a lot of orange haters out there, but I actually like the orange. I would be open to more reddish-oranges or maybe even coral. I could explore other color options, but let's get over the first hurdle...

Here are two vantage points of my kitchen (these are the listing images):

If you notice, you can't really see the window unless you are IN the kitchen. That way, my fear of a color being 'too much' would be lessened. 

I mentioned here that Mark and I purchased counters, tile, and a sink for our upcoming remodel (scheduled to start next week!!!) so here is what the new scheme will be:

floor tile as-is
cabinets and cabinet hardware as-is
sink hardware as-is
counter top (not exact color but close) : 

back splash tile (also to go on 'dead end' from back splash level to floor):

sink (similar):

light above sink:

As seen here in our 'after' photos, the walls are Behr: Dolphin Fin (grey) and "dead end" wall is chalkboard paint. 

So, as you see, I have a lot of flexibility to add color.

Second point, and most difficult to master: The window is semi-new, replaced by the previous owners. It is metal and does not have the mullions like the inspiration image. Therefore, it would be very difficult to go back to simple white metal for a future owner or if we didn't like it. We would either have to strip off the paint, which could still damage the white paint on the metal underneath, or we would have to paint over it.

Now that I've presented all of the evidence, I need you as my jury to help me decide! (although my husband gets the last word) 

orange window
yes or no?

p.s. how do you like our scheme so far? I'm FREAKING OUT and can't wait to see the finished product!!! :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Office/guest room - phase one

Since I'm about 90% done with phase one of what is currently my office/closet, I decided to give you a peek into the room where all of these posts are created!

I call it phase one because this will eventually become a guest room. We have my parent's full size bed frame, but no mattress, which is why the transformation hasn't been made yet. I'm not complaining, though, because it's nice to have a room for crafts, dressing, blogging, and sewing. Mark gets his own room, so why can't I?!

I say this room is only 90% done because for the most part, I don't think anything is ever fully done in my mind. I'd like to add some more wall decor as well as update the curtains eventually. I'm always moving things around!

Here's a quick tour:

I bought this rolling rack a few years ago at the Crate and Barrel outlet. I finally pulled it out to hold some of my more fun clothes and just serve as some extra storage. I just rotate clothes whenever I feel like it and it usually makes me happy to see them hanging there!

My mom is loaning me her Singer sewing machine. It is simple but does the trick. The user's manual dates to 1947!

My desk area is definitely my favorite. I bought the desk off craigslist a few years ago and painted it grey. The paint has worn with use but I haven't fixed it yet. I think it gives it a little character! 

I loooooooove these candles from the one and only Target. Looks like this one is running low so time for a new one! :) Those journals on the right were a gift from Mark for our one year anniversary (paper). Love them!

That's a wrap!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Target Tuesday : Christmas Edition

It's Tuesday, so that means it's TARGET Tuesday! I've got some special Christmas or Holiday items to share today. Target has a unique way of approaching the holidays and I really like their products!

I had to seriously fight the urge to buy one of these warm mulled cider candles. They smelled SO good. The packaging was super cute and reminded me of what you would see in a fancy boutique. Way to go, Target!

I thought these bags were super cute! They weren't exactly in a Christmas theme, but they coordinated with some other Christmas items that were brightly colored. I'd love to get a gift in one of these bags!

These bowls were super cute, and they were dog and cat bowls! I bet someone out there is using them creatively for candy or something!

I also really wanted to buy the origami ornaments for Motley this year but at $7.99 I decided they were a little too steep for an ornament...for a dog. Regardless, they are super cute!

I love this rustic / campy theme that Target has going on. I could see all of this stuff in a woodsy lodge!

These were really cute, festive, but still simple.

I probably wouldn't buy these, but they reminded me so much of some homemade felt ornaments and decorations that my mom had while we were growing up. Too funny!

I like this twist on the snow globe! Who says it has to be round?

I saw these in the Target AD and I reallllly love these red baskets. If I had a wood fireplace, I would have totally snatched one up to put my logs in. 

That's it for today! Do you buy your holiday decorations at Target? Share if you do!

Monday, November 18, 2013

camping with friends

As I mentioned on Friday, Mark and I headed off after work last week to enjoy some tent camping with our friends. We headed up to Ray Roberts Lake State Park and had a great time! 

As promised, we did some of this:

and a lot of this:

Unfortunately the park didn't have any canoe/kayaks for rent so we didn't get to do that, but we were content with what we had and had a great time!

We hiked over 3 miles, made omelets for breakfast, saw a few deer including a big buck, played catchphrase, made s'mores, shared stories, and explored. We were blessed with great weather and beautiful fall colors and the park was convenient and only a mile away from our homes. 

For a more in depth look at our weekend, keep scrolling!

it was the Kia's first trip and she was a trooper!

We had such a great weekend and I was so happy to get away from the city. I grew up camping and it's a big release to live a little harder and learn to be content in what you have when you're away. I love the nature and the company, too! Happy to be home, but happy to do it all over again in a few weeks with family. :)