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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

16 week bumpdate

I finally managed to get a "bump" pic! I've been taking them in the mirror almost daily but I ALWAYS dreamed of documenting my pregnancy with weekly bump pictures...granted, I wasn't really showing at all until about week 13, but still! The bump has pretty much stayed the same since then, so we'll start at 16 weeks and call it good! So with that, here's my very first "bumpdate"!!!

weekly bump pictures
photobomb by curious firstborn Motley

How far along?  16 weeks
Total weight gain: 2-ish lbs? Not really sure. I haven't gained much and haven't been to the doctor enough to keep track!
Maternity clothes? I can still button all of my normal pants, but I have a couple pairs of maternity work pants that are way more comfortable and it's finally getting warmer so I think I'll be wearing lots of dresses! 
Sleep: Sleep is...not too much different than normal. I have my 'off' nights where I don't sleep well but a normal night always includes a lot of tossing and turning. I usually wake up with round ligament pains of some sort, but those aren't too bad.
Best moment this week: We named our baby!!! I'm super impatient, especially when my mind is made up, but (I think) I gave Mark time to really think about our options and we mutually decided on a name together. Don't get your hopes up though, because we aren't sharing until his birthday!
Worst Moment this week: Baby boy has been kicking a lot lately (I feel SUPER lucky that I've felt him now for two whole weeks! I've even felt a good 10 kicks/movements from the outside.) but on Saturday or Sunday I think his sleep schedule was off and he wasn't moving as much as he usually does. His sweet spot is after dinner when I lie down on my back, and he wasn't moving. I got a little freaked out but luckily he answered right back and gave me a good 4 kicks on Sunday!
Miss Anything? Honestly, just feeling normal and being able to eat more. Pretty much nothing sounds good to eat and I'm ready to be able to stomach much more! I was thinking the other day and my thought was "I'm just tired of eating!"....words I thought I'd never say!
Cravings: french fries, lemonade, Panera mac and cheese, and 'cookies with icing'. Super healthy, y'all.
Symptoms:  round ligament pains, nothing sounding good to eat.
Looking forward to: heading to the JBF sale tonight with my sister! I've been saving my money because I feel like this consignment sale is going to take a big chunk of it. I'm so excited!!! I'll come back to let you know what I got!

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