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Friday, August 21, 2015

five on friday | pregnancy happenings

We're in the final weeks of pregnancy and it's getting interesting...

There HAVE been developments in my 'progression', shall we say, plus I'm due in less than 2 weeks now! I've thought all along that baby will come late and he still might, but be sure to follow me on instagram or facebook so you don't miss the first introduction - or even worse, the name reveal!!! 

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I felt horrible on Monday and ended up leaving just a tiny bit early and coming home to  nap. I haven't swollen much in this pregnancy but my feet were juusst starting. I normally have REALLY bony feet so minimal swelling doesn't really look like anything to the normal person, but I made sure to document so I could compare to any possible future swelling!


Mark was gone one night last week to play in a disc golf tournament and these days, I always warn him to have his phone/smart watch on him just in case it's 'go time'. I texted him with "YOU NEED TO COME HOME NOW" accompanied with a (blurry) pictures of a GIANT flying cockroach (waterbug?) on our entry rug. I was seriously sweating and anxious and considering ACTUALLY making him come home to take care of it. Here's our texts:

hahaha. I managed to keep a 5' radius and threw the entire mat out the front door. He ended up being dead anyway, but I'm still glad I took the necessary precautions. You can never be too careful! Cockroaches are THE WORST!!!!


We're both a little bit overwhelmed:


The bump is overtaking me! It's dresses from here on out and I like taking these pictures. It makes my legs seem sooooooooo far away. ;) 

dress || shoes (I only WISH I bought them for this price!) || belt (similar) || sweater (similar)

You can find me linking up with April , this lovely lady (and super fun blog!)Jennie, and Rebecca! So fun! Happy Friday friends!

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