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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

21 week bumpdate

This 21 week bump picture brought to you by self-timer, a camera propped on a pillow, propped on a chair, and an absent husband (it was disc golf night).

First things first: here's what we learned at our 20 week appointment last week:

-baby boy is still baby boy, confirmed!
-he's definitely a mover and a shaker, as I suspected. He successfully frustrated the sonographer because he wouldn't stay still for her to take measurements!
-he's got some pretty cool bones and organs, but I just think that because I'm his mom ;)
-he is measuring a bit ahead...he was 9.2" long (!!!!) and 14 ounces. This matches up more with week 21 (see below) but he's still on the chunky side. We like chunky babies! 
(although I prefer them to chunk up AFTER they exit my body).

-he is already favoring his daddy in the way he sleeps and in his little side profile.

-he's got BOTH of his parent's stubborn qualities and refused to show his face straight on or move out of his crazy upside-down position.

-he's just the cutest and healthiest (yay!) and best thing ever (again, I'm biased).

How far along?  21 weeks

Baby's size: a pomegranate!

Total weight gain: 10 pounds. Ok, I'm noticing a pattern...I think I'm gaining about a pound a week! I better lay off the donuts...

Maternity clothes? Pants and dresses are all I live in at the moment! Still living with just one maternity shirt but I have a feeling I'll have to buy more to finish out the last few months.

Sleep: Not great. Again, I blame mostly allergies. I've been rising earlier than usual and woke up at 4am on Monday and was unable to go back to sleep. SOMEONE was having a dance party in my tummy, but I won't name names...

Best moment this week: Other than my consumption of multiple (five) donuts yesterday, the best part of the week was at our 20 week appointment on Friday. We got to spend some quality time with the sonographer and our baby and got to see him move all around and see lots of cool things like the 4 chambers of his heart and 3 parts that make up the umbilical cord. It is AMAZING how much they can see with an ultrasound. I'm still on a high from that appointment and we watch the videos (Mark videoed a lot of it but it was over 20 minutes!) daily. We loved it! 

Worst Moment this week: Monday as a whole was crappy. Between waking up at 4am and having HORRIBLE allergies, I was a wreck all day. I just wanted to get home and be in bed. I'm fearing next April with my horrid allergies and a 7 month old baby. 

Miss Anything? Seeing myself in the mirror is making me realize a whole new level of self confidence...being pregnant, I expect there to be a belly but sometimes I'll try something on and it's just NOT GOOD. It's more than just belly. I've grown everywhere! Trying to embrace my new figure and realize that my body will never be the same!

Cravings: Donuts. See previous mentions. I'm realllly close to being ashamed about how much I ate yesterday, but I read on my bump app that this week I'll start feeling 'ravenous' so I'm giving myself a pass.

Symptoms: Oy, my back. Old lady over here. We have something in our family we call the "Bennett back" so I'm thinking it's 80% hereditary and 20% pregnancy. These days I'm RARELY comfortable but not being able to get comfy when I'm sleeping is not so fun. 

Looking forward to: Getting some shelves hung in the nursery! Mark has been a ROCKSTAR and we are pulling the nursery together much faster than I thought we would. We have a lot done but he is currently building some shelves that I hope to have up in the next week or so and then I can go to town decorating them! :) I go sit in the nursery every single day and just smile. It's the best!

       week 16                                week 17                                        week 18

    week 19                               week 20

(dog pictured was not invited to be part of bump photos but has inserted herself by choice. She had a prior engagement during week 17, apparently...)

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