wonderfully made: January 2015

Monday, January 26, 2015

We didn't skip Christmas last year...oh and new floors!

Happy Monday everyone! It feels a little odd to be here...I haven't been around 'these parts' on a Monday in a while! 

Be sure to check out my post below - it's a blog sale! I impulsively cleaned out my closet on Saturday and posted all the good stuff so you guys can get first dibs. I've already sold a bunch but I still have some great things left (like those J. Crew shoes that deserve a loving home) at garage sale prices! Everything is GENTLY used (I'm bad about buying things and not wearing them) and in great shape and for a great price. Check it out!

You guys are going to have to bear with me here...as alluded to in my opening paragraph, I missed a big chunk of blogging in December so I'm catching up here. Brace yourselves...

Let's talk about Christmas 2014. Mark and I decided to rip up our flooring over Thanksgiving and put down new wood laminate and new baseboards. We still aren't done (we took a month long break) but we did manage to get everything back in the house and decorate for Christmas. It was shortly after that that I took my blogging break so I never shared the floors OR the decor!

I wanted to wait until they were done, but to the untrained eye I bet they look done anyway. We still need to caulk and add quarter round (this goes at the base of the baseboards to hide the unlevel floors because pretty much all floors are not level) but so far we are loving them! 

You guys. We had a crooked tree this year. It was leaning between 30-40 degrees the entire time. I tried fixing it about three times before I gave up. I think it was trying to escape out the window. #keepingitreal

I'm in deep love with our new 5" baseboards. They remind me so much of our little craftsman rental in Oak Cliff!

With new floors come new rugs. Mark hates it. I love it. #happywifehappylife

My grandparents recently sold their home and 'downsized' into a sweet retirement community. I was so happy to get a lot of 'hand me downs' in the form of this mid-century marble topped coffee table along with matching end tables, a chair, a SAH-WEET light (can't wait to show y'all!) and some knick-knacks. 

That's my sweet baby hubby in that frame back in his Canada glory days! He still has and wears that hat...

Christmas happens all over the place.

Red and green m&m's are a holiday staple, right?

So, I saw these really awesome faux-fur tree skirts at Marshall's before Christmas and like a dummy, I hesitated and went home to think it over. I went back a week later and they were gone. So, this year, I improvised and used my $10 Ikea faux sheepskin that only covered 1/3 of the tree base. Those tree skirts will be MINE next Christmas!!!

I really liked our Christmas wrapping theme this year, especially the black printed one. 

Annddd this was the first of 3 rugs that I bought for the kitchen. This one was ok but it shed like CRAZY and I knew that the cats would just make it worse. We've settled on a winner so I'll share that another time. 

Not very Christmas-y, but here is the kitchen with the pretty new floors. We didn't try to match the floors to the counter tops but I think they work together nicely and the contrast isn't jarring in the slightest. Sometimes pairing woods can be tricky!

So that was our home for Christmas and those are our new floors! I have lots to update you guys on so keep checking back! 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

blog sale

It's a blog sale, y'all!

It's that time again! I impulsively started pulling things out of my closet today in an effort to claim some space back. I've got lots of great gently used (many things I've only worn once!) items that I want to share with you guys! I've done this once before and I was surprised at how much of my 'trash' was someone else's 'treasure'. (None of this is trash - if it was, it is already in the garbage!)

Here's how it works - comment with your name and what you'd like to purchase. Shipping is $5 for your first item and $1 for each additional item. If you live in the area, you can pick it up from me sometime in the next two weeks either at my home in Richardson or near my office in Dallas. 

Please leave a comment or send an email if you have any questions! Anything not purchased by Friday, January 30th is going to Goodwill and the resale shops! 

Happy shopping! :)

Forever21 black sequin tank 
size M, fits true to size

Enfocus studio geometric dress - worn once
size 8 - runs small

Pink swiss dot peasant top
size medium - runs large

Old Navy black scoop neck peasant top
size medium - fits to size

Old Navy striped sheer tank
Size M - fits to size

THML striped mint and red sweater
Size S - runs large

Gibson Latimer faux leather top with sheer detail
Size M - runs large

Oldies but goodies!
Abercrombie & Fitch distressed boyfriend jeans
size 8 - runs small

Moda International (Victoria's Secret) red hi/lo shawl neck sweater
size M - fits true to size

H&M tan crochet tunic sweater
size L - fits true to size

Red bow-back shift top
(cut the size off because it was itchy but it's a medium) - fits to size

H&M black and white dot ruched collar peasant top
Size 8 - runs small

J. Crew jade cardigan
Size S - fits true to size

Banana Republic white dress pants - slight boot cut - worn once and realized they were too short for me :(
Size 6 - runs large

Gap always skinny blue velvet pants
size 29tall - fit to size

Calvin Klein coral wedges
size 8.5

BCBG black patent leather heels - barely worn - too tall for me!
Size 8.5

Thanks for shopping! Y'all let me know if you have any questions.