wonderfully made: October 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

blast from the past

Throwback Thursday....Halloween through the years!

The college years...

Homemade costumes Sophomore year! All by hand!

cop-out costume...kitty cat!

PERFECT timing...Sarah Palin in 2008, just a week before the election!

night #1 of 2009 as "Tay" from Rachel Zoe Project

night #2 of 2009: Ballerina #2! (homemade again!)

2011 as Amy Winehouse (post-mortem)

The golden years...

Josie and the Pussycats (I think?) Freshman year of high school.  THERE are those natural curls I tell everyone I used to have!

Minnie Mouse

Kitty Cat #1

Ballerina #1



Happy Halloween! Have a safe but spooky night! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's back!

I'm ending my longest non-blogging streak since July with a much needed Target Tuesday! Christmas is fast approaching so if you're like me and like to get your shopping done early (I'm over halfway done already!) maybe you will see a thing or two for one of your loved ones. Or, maybe there's just something you HAVE to have yourself!

If you're joining in with me for the first time today, I like to do a feature called Target Tuesdays. I am in NO way sponsored by Target or asked to write this for them (I wish!) I just like to see what great new things they have and celebrate it here on the blog. Thanks for reading!

These baby wooden fox are so cute! I can see these in a nature-themed nursery or on a shelf in a cool office. 

This deco bowl is awesome! Roughed up inside...

...and spiffed up outside! No one can sneak up on you with this one! (note my reflection)

I'm a sucker for baskets and this Threshold one is perfect for holding toys, towels, and blankets!

I was seriously impressed with this take on folding chairs. How fun are these!?

The fun punched design means no wet seats in rainy weather!

I've seen these 3-D letters all over, so snaps for Target to catching on. Pro tip - if red isn't your color, just spray paint it and make it original!

Same goes for this ampersand. Who doesn't love an ampersand!?

I could see this distressed chalkboard frame/wire basket next to the back door with notes and menus on it. Love!

And HOW COOL are these mugs?! At $6.99, these are great teacher gifts and small gifts for friends. Even ADAM loved them! : )

D is for Deal!

Know what this is?

A sweet acrylic tray!

Target was SPOT ON with these awesome graphic trays. 

As always, I was enamored with the frames. Can't go wrong! I love the little one the most. :)

I've had my eye on this set for a while...these are so awesome! I would put flour, sugar, and doggie treats in these! :) 

I hope you saw something you liked! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 28, 2013

post weekend wrap-up

I guess it's about time I share my weekend with you! 

Friday night I tagged along with Jody as we went to Babe's in Burleson and ended the night with a little bowling action. I missed the chance to take any photos at Babe's simply because I was chowing down on family style fried chicken (it was so good, even the vegetarian gave in...sorta). If you live in the area and love a good home style meal, I highly suggest trying it at least once!

After dinner we headed to the bowling alley where Jody and I single handedly schooled everyone else. They were convinced we were pros. She and I were convinced we were just lucky and everyone else just had a bad game!

On the way home we eagle-eyed this awesome store. The signage ALMOST made us want to go in. Discuont!? It's gotta be good.

On Saturday I treated myself to a little shopping and since I was already out of my way for the outlet mall I figured I should pick up some hay for Motley's doghouse. She stays outside while we are at work and it's starting to get cold in the morning so we piled it in her pink doghouse to keep her warm. I'll share a photo soon. She loves it!

After some down time, it was time to get our scarlet and black on and root for Tech! Kitty tried to help, but unfortunately didn't do too much good. :( It was a valiant effort by Tech but the Sooners managed to win in the end. 7-1 record isn't the end of the world, though!

I joined our local Rec center down the street on Sunday...

..and made it down for some cardio on Monday! I did some time on the elliptical, the treadmill, and the stationary bike. Over 7 miles all together.

Proud of myself for finishing out my workout with a 6 mile ride! It's a start! (Not my TV programming of choice, btw)

This week I'm jetting off to Las Vegas and celebrating Halloween homeowner-style. I can't believe it's almost November already! 

Happy hump day!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Target Tuesday has long since gone, but I'm happy to leave you with these encouraging images and words that make me press on through the week. Find them (and more) here on my Happiness board. 


love this song

Beautiful Things by Andrew Frazer

Isaiah 40:8

Micah 6:8

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend update: girl time edition

Hey y'all! This is sort of a picture dump with notes here and there. I hope everyone had a good weekend!

Scenes from the weekend:

(leftover shot from Friday lunch at Bakers Ribs in Deep Ellum. WAY too busy scarfing down BBQ to take any additional photos.)

ONE: Scarf exchange (mentioned here) at Urban Crust (also mentioned here).

TWO: Dinner at The Rustic

THREE: After dinner at Truck Yard

FOUR: Brunch at Hattie's and a stroll around Bishop Arts District (mentioned here.)

Dreams DO come true...Tomato bisque soup, Mac & Cheese, and chicken and waffles!!!

Thanks to Sami at Sami's Shenanigans for the linkup!