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Friday, July 17, 2015

five on Friday | keeping it real

To be honest, I wasn't even going to post anything today. I took a sick day from work yesterday because that indigestion I mentioned? Yeah it's here to stay and it's hitting me with a vengeance. I'm taking medicine, trying to follow all the rules (like don't eat, drink, bend over, or lay down. ever.) but it's slowly killing me from the inside out. 

Anyway, I didn't think I had any blogging material (and you may agree after reading this) but I realized I can share my week with you by 'keeping it real'. So here goes:


I started off my day yesterday at 3am! So productive of me, right? Nope. Acid reflux. So I found this fitting and posted it on instagram at that ungodly hour:


Despite not being able to eat (ever), I came across this heaven on earth and texted Mark with the caption TAKE ME HERE. He totally understood the urgency and I fully expect it to happen for our next date night when I can eat again (which will be never).


Did I say I couldn't eat? I lied. I made these on Monday night and they are already gone. Whoops. #maybethatswhyIhaveheartburn #sorrynotsorry


Thanks to my general lack of motivation and ability to lift myself out of bed yesterday, I've successfully made it to season 5 of Downton Abbey. Don't spoil it!


Ok, so I did take some pictures yesterday to document my 'realness'. This was the extent:

she stayed here literally all day

I got 'dressed' at 7:30pm. This was about as dressed as I could force myself to get.

yes, yes it was. 

my setup for the rest of the evening.

So there it is, y'all. Completely real, uncut, uncensored day in the life of a poor unfortunate soul. Happy Friday all!

*this post contains excessive use of sarcasm and dramatics. user assumes all risk.
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