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Thursday, July 2, 2015

snippets from the land up north

This is just a teaser so I can promise you that the good pictures are coming! I've got the 300 I took narrowed down and ready to share next week.

But first - here are some snaps I took on my phone over our six day trip to Canada:

I caught mom studying the safety instruction guide on the plane. Like, literally, studying it. My dad (ever the jokester) had to pull out his card so they could match. #nerds

We caught this fiery sunset on the way into Canada. 

We're here! We arrived at our hotel at about midnight on Wednesday night and turned around bright and early at 7am for breakfast and the trip west to visit family. Here we go!

We had to drive about 3 hours east of Toronto to get to the cottage so a stop at McDonald's for a snack (and in hopes of finding a Dr. Pepper - failed) was essential. They had an odd international menu (to be expected) and we had fun laughing at the McLobster and maple bacon poutine. Mark had the nanaimo sundae after talking about it all day (he said you could barely taste the nanaimo). 

We arrived in small town Belleville on Thursday night and decided to spend the night there before heading to the cottage. It was Trevor's birthday so we even got cake!

Mark and Cameron went head to head in foosball in their AWESOME basement. It felt like an episode of Love It or List It!

Dad and I made the first (of many) stops at Tim Horton's on Friday morning. I had a sprinkle donut as well as some timbits as recommended. I'm pretty sure my dad had 3 Tim Horton's cinnamon rolls throughout the trip, so I guess he approved of this Canadian staple?

I took this picture to send to Mark's sister but it never went through...she is always talking about Shreddies but I still don't get it! I picked up a box of frosted mini wheats for the cottage instead. Just like at home!

I cannot get over this. The milk comes in bags in Ontario. I've seen it before (individual milk came in bags for public schools in Lubbock) but never like this. They package individual liters (or litres?) of milk in plastic bags and three bags are sold in a larger bag. It's common practice to squeeze the bag to make sure there aren't any leaks before picking out a bag (kind of like checking to make sure there aren't any bad eggs in a carton). Then when you get home, you put the bag in a pitcher and snip off the corner. Seems like a lot of work to me and we felt so awkward/silly walking around in the grocery store with the bag! 

Mark and I claimed our spots for the long weekend...me=hammock chair, mark=hammock. 

There's lots more where those photos came from, but better quality! 

Of course, I can't forget the two things I was most excited to return home to:


Come back next week for more! Happy Thursday!
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