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Friday, July 10, 2015

friday through the world wide web

Was it just me, or did this week FLY by??? Hallelujah!

As usual, you can find me linking up with April and Andrea and I'm changing it up this week and linking up with this lovely lady (and super fun blog!), Jennie, and Rebecca! So fun! Happy Friday friends!


I LOVE finding good deals during Gap sales. Mark does not love this, but he does appreciate that I know how to save a bit of money. This is the second time I've snagged a few baby things at Gap during one of their sales and I am always pleased at what I find! I tend to stalk the clearance section and check back during weekends to see what additional discounts they offer. I wait them out, essentially. 

I grabbed all of this plus one more outfit (not here yet) and another maternity dress for me with an extra 40% off sale items! Everything except for the maternity dress averaged at about $4.

(special baby bump appearance)

Right now GAP is offering 40% off for card members and 30% off for sale styles with code MORE. I keep scrolling back through exclaiming "Ca-ute!!!" and Mark keeps looking at me like I'm crazy. Oh well! Here's a breakdown of what I got:

striped shorts (I got the blue)

yellow striped bodysuit (Mark was against the tank top when I got it but he said it's his favorite thing after it came in the mail!)

MY favorite purchase by far (and maybe ever) is this FREE HUGS onesie. I mean...y'all! I want it in every size!

This hello mom onesie is the next best thing! It's totally in my cart and ready for the next big sale. SO cute!

Also in my cart? This 'Easy Tiger' onesie. Because omg.

ANNNDDDD Hi. You're cute.

I grabbed the fire truck shirt in a larger size because it spoke to me. It's sold out, but how cute are these fire truck jammies?! LOVE!!!

organic cotton rainbow striped romper (I scrolled past this to begin with but came back to it and it's so cute! And cheap! It should arrive tomorrow)

Remember, everything on sale is an additional 30-40% off with code MORE! GAP has a TON of cute stuff on sale for everyone right now, not just baby boys! So go, go, go, mamas!!!


I've been on my phone a lot this week and I came across this date idea from a friend on Facebook. How cool is this? I'm saving it on my phone to try it one of these last few nights while we are baby-free. :)


I posted this picture as a hint to baby boy's name this week and my family/friends commentary on Facebook was making me laugh all day long. They are a crazy bunch! What do YOU think his name is?!



When I started blogging two years ago, Young House Love was still around and they were my number one influence when I started this blog. They've since stopped blogging and are rarely on social media anymore but they posted this picture this week and it reminded me how much I loved their gallery wall in their bedroom! I screenshot this as a reminder that I want to do this someday.


We're back from Canada and we've done the Independence Day thing so from this point until September 2nd, it's just smooth sailing! Catch up on our Canada babymoon here and here, check out our festive Fourth of July weekend here, and be sure to follow me on Instagram if you aren't already. There's a GOOD chance (like 90%!) I'll be posting some nursery pictures there and doing a full nursery reveal on the blog next week!!!

Have a great weekend, friends!

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