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Monday, July 27, 2015

weekend snaps & haps

Here we are again, face to face with another Monday! That just means we're due for another weekend in 5 days. Can you even believe that next weekend it will be August?! Where has this year gone?!

Mark was  the best sport EVER and happily helped me get a TON done around the house this weekend, as I mentioned was my wish here. I think we both wore ourselves out but it was a really great and productive weekend. I just hope we can keep it looking nice and pretty!

When we weren't cleaning, organizing, moving things, spraying for ants, going to Home Depot for the sixth time for toilet parts, or spraying for ants (again), here's what we were up to:

We got a BOGO free entree coupon at Abuelo's (my favorite restaurant!) over Father's Day weekend so we decided to redeem it on Friday night. We obviously also got queso and we have SO much food leftover. It was a great deal!

Apparently I'm the only one that wakes up happy and ready to go at 6am on a Saturday...

One of Mark's tasks on the 'list' this weekend was to follow one of my hair-brained ideas and change out the light fixture above the kitchen table. More on that tomorrow, it's the post I promised you last week!

Saturday night, my sister's in-laws hosted a joint birthday party for 4 people in the family including my niece who turned 3. She's a hoot and it was funny watching her interact and get attention from 30+ family members!

She loves her Uncle Jimmy!

This Victorian dollhouse was her gift from Mark and me. I found it on a Facebook 'garage sale' site a couple months ago and couldn't pass up the deal! I would have DIED for that as a little girl! I think she liked it!

One of her great-grandmas gave her her very own Iron Man (she has a 7 year old brother) and he got to join in on the dollhouse fun.

More cleaning, more organizing, and a little shopping had me sitting here on the couch last night, working on baby's quilt and enjoying our new floor lamp. More on that tomorrow, too!

And of course, I had to end the weekend on the best note possible. :)

So that was our ordinary but fun and productive weekend! Linking up here:

Happy Monday!

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