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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Blogtober day 30 - Facts about me

Blogtober day 30!!!

I’ve met a TON of fun new bloggers through this linkup and I think Helene and Taylor came up with the perfect prompt at the end of the month. If you’re new here, I’ve gathered some facts about me in an effort to re-introduce myself! Here we go:

Hey y’all, my name’s Diana!

These are the facts:

-I was born and raised in Texas and I will never leave (except for that future vacation home in Colorado. I’ll go there)
-I have one older sister who is hilariously shorter than me. People say we look alike and I was called "little Bennett" all through high school (she was 3 grades ahead)
-I have one niece and nephew from my sister and one niece and two nephews by marriage
-I come from a LARGE extended family and we really like tex-mex. No, REALLY. We eat it on Thanksgiving. It’s the best non-tradition EVER.
-I went to two different colleges : Stephen F. Austin State University in east Texas for 3 semesters, and then transferred to Texas Tech and finished in 2010. Read all about my transfer and love of Tech here. (Let’s not talk about last weekend, though.)
-I met my husband (who is Canadian born) in class during my last year in college.
-Mark’s an architect and I’m a designer, hence why we had class together. No, we would never work together.
-Mark’s family lives in McKinney and mine lives in Arlington/Mansfield so we are able to see them fairly often, plus it was easy for us to meet up while we were dating and home for holidays, summer, etc. (the two towns are both in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex but about an hour apart)
-Mark and I were married in McKinney in 2012 and honeymooned in Hawaii. I FINALLY attempted a recap of our honeymoon here this week! We loved it and suggest Kauai to anyone that asks!
-We each brought a cat into the marriage (although I’m the cat person) and adopted our dog Motley a few weeks before we got engaged in 2011. She’s the apple of our eye!

-We didn’t live together until we got married, and we had the cutest little tri-plex in an up and coming part of Dallas. It was perfect and we miss it so much!
-We surprised our friends and bought a house last year, which is when I started this blog! It’s a 1960 ranch style house in the Dallas suburbs and I’ve done as much as I could on a limited budget to make it our home, including a Thanksgiving weekend kitchen remodel!

These are the quirks:

-I’m extremely sarcastic and try to make everything funny
-I’m a planner but also a dreamer and I hate having plans changed!
-I’ve recently become obsessed with Netflix and it’s pretty much all I watch. Scandal, New Girl, and Gilmore Girls are my favorites. I also LOVE me some Homeland.
-I love doing things. I can stay home and be a homebody, but I have to plan for it. I love getting out and having adventures!
-That being said, a large concert (at any place other than billy bob’s) sounds like the least appealing thing to me.
-I have an addiction to Dr. Pepper and all things bad for you. I love fast food, junk food, high fructose corn syrup, all of it. It’s a daily struggle to try and live a more healthy life!
-People describe me as picky, but I'd say I'm only slightly picky. I eat salad and spinach! 
-My favorite restaurant is Abuelo’s.
-Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year
-I love driving and road trips
-I eat macaroni and cheese at least once a week. Picky or not, that’s God’s gift to humankind.
-I was in band from 6th grade through my second year in college and I miss it sometimes!
-I also grew up playing volleyball and soccer on rec teams (like YMCA). I went to the first day of volleyball tryouts in 8th grade and did pretty well, but I didn't go back because they made us run a mile. Um, no thanks. 

Happy Hallows eve!!! 

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