wonderfully made: Blogtober day 27 : a letter to my younger self

Monday, October 27, 2014

Blogtober day 27 : a letter to my younger self

Dear self (pre-age 23),

Quit buying teddy grahams and canned icing. This does not an every-day snack make. Sure, it doesn't seem this way in college, but the minute you graduate, all that trans fat WILL catch up with you and wreak havoc on what was formerly known as your body.

You were wrong. Skinny jeans did not, in fact, fade out after 6 months as you so poorly predicted.

On that note, gauchos were not a good thing.

(this was the only picture I could find as evidence)

Blonde doesn't work for you. Not only that, but it doesn't work for your hairs. They will die a slow, sad, charred death. Save yourself the trouble and don't do it! Also, don't ever cut your hair. It's rate of growth slows rapidly post college, probably due to the canned icing.

Always have help or a spot-checker when dyeing your hair. Otherwise, you'll forever be known as 'streaky hair' and end up dyeing your hair in a hotel bathroom in Chicago.

While you shouldn't fully regret taking out a credit card to buy a computer (because you needed it , and all), maybe getting one with zero rewards and 20% interest wasn't so smart. Don't worry though, you paid it off....eventually.

I hope my wise words have somehow touched one of you out there before you make the same mistakes. If not, ah well. At least I've got some good memories!

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