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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blogtober day 9 - Best/Worst Halloween Memory

Today’s prompt: best or worst Halloween memory.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been super #blessed and can’t think of a bad Halloween memory. That doesn’t exactly make for great blog content, though! Oh well, I’ll still share some of my best memories!

-In sixth grade, I dressed up as a witch and went to a friend’s house. We were WAY too cool to trick-or-treat but not too cool for me to go sit on her brick mailbox and pretend to be a statue. I seriously thought I was SO realistic but really…come on! And that’s when I knew I was a weirdo.

-Two years ago, I ordered my girlfriends to buy some candy, dress up, and come over to our apartment. It was when we lived in Winnetka Heights so we were the one rental house in the neighborhood. We grabbed our lawn chairs, sat on the porch, and watched as THOUSANDS (not even exaggerating) of kids, teens, and adults (really, people?) invaded the neighborhood. We had lots of laughs and the candy was gone SUPER fast. It was so fun though!

(this was pre-iphone!)

-Last year, Mark and I made a point to keep it low-key. I wanted the ultimate trick-or-treating experience in our new house. The house was decorated, candles lit, and we watched Hocus Pocus as about 20 kids came by. It was honest and simple and fun! Growing up isn’t so bad after all. J 

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