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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Blogtober day 18 - share a secret about you

Blogtober day 18! Today’s prompt is ‘share a secret about you’.

When people ask me to share secrets my thoughts always go more towards negative secrets; the kinds of things you are embarrassed to tell. I don’t think I really have any positive secrets to share (hello, over sharer!) but I’ll share a story of a positive secret and a negative semi-secret today just to mix it up a bit.

Back in May 2013 Mark and I loosely decided we wanted to buy a house. We started looking and ended up having our offer accepted in the span of about 5 weeks, which was pretty quick but seemed slow at the time. Since we weren’t really sure if we were definitely going to buy or not, we chose to keep the fact that we were planning to buy a secret from all of our friends and some of our family. It kind of naturally turned out that way, since we weren’t really sure ourselves what we were doing, but it ended up being a good thing for us because of the ups and downs of searching and having offers rejected, etc. I can’t imagine what it would have been like to have to recap everything to everyone as the roller coaster went on. Plus, it really helped me to focus on other aspects of life since I couldn’t really talk about what was happening – and in turn I was probably less stressed and anxious than I would have been.

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When we did announce that we bought the house, it was after our offer was accepted and a contract signed. I did so with an Instagram photo and posted it on facebook, and we got lots of surprised reactions. It was pretty fun, but I think some of my friends were a little ticked off that we kept that secret from them, but oh well! It worked out for the best.

My other secret is more embarrassing and not really a secret, more so just something I don’t like volunteering. I developed psoriasis in college on my scalp and it’s kind of a big nuisance to me. It flares up in the summer and I get sores on my scalp that itch and burn, especially when it’s hot and I’m sweating. To most people, the flakes and ‘scales’ look like dandruff so people typically comment on that. But most people think dandruff is ‘gross’ so any sort of white flake in your hair is pretty embarrassing.

Anyway, it’s not super severe by any means, and I just have a topical ointment that I can put on it from time to time. Most people don’t know about it, though!

Anyone else have a weird secret they want to share? Feeling super vulnerable today! ;) Oh, and happy weekend!!!

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