wonderfully made: Blogtober day 24 AND Five on Friday is back!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Blogtober day 24 AND Five on Friday is back!

I’m mixing it up a bit! Today is blogtober and also five on Friday! (it’s back!!!)


We’ll start off with blogtober. Today’s prompt was favorite beauty product. I already talked about the things I hold near and dear to my heart, but this is also something that I use most days:

I went to the Clinique counter when I started working after college and my face would get super oily and melty (seriously) after a solid 9 hour work day. I tried out their AcneSolutions first and I’ve stuck with it for four years! A lot of people don’t wear foundation, but I have some pretty bad skin under there and I’m just a tad bit sensitive about, and Clinique helps me feel good and put together every day. I haven't tried really anything else of theirs, but please mention it in the comments if they have something you love!


The weekend holds NO plans. I can’t say how excited I am about this! Before Mark, I used to thrive on being busy and getting out of the house. Now, I’ve slowly morphed into a home body and I love being productive! That’s not to say that we won’t end up doing anything, but at least we aren’t bound to any plans!!! 


My friend Anna hosted a Stella & Dot tea party yesterday and it was super fun!!! 

I purchased my wedding day earrings through S&D and I’ve been eyeing some of these pieces lately. I didn’t purchase anything last night but I’m putting these on my wish list for my upcoming anniversary!!!


Cute Gold Chain Pearl Necklace | Gabrielle Pearl Necklace


p.s. make sure you check out Anna's etsy shop here! She has the best stuff!!!


I’ve been totally slacking in the eating right/working out area of my life over the past two weeks. I love how good a workout feels but I hate how I’d rather sit on the couch in my pajamas and watch Gilmore Girls. I’ve been pinning lots of clothes as motivation onto my wish list board, but it’s only halfway helping. Any of you guys have tips out there for getting back in the swing of things??


Yes, I mentioned it earlier. Gilmore Girls is on Netflix!!! I’m sure any woman aged 23-35 already knows this, as it’s been prettttyyy major news. I LOVE me some Gilmore Girls. It ranks high on my list like others feel about Friends or The Office. I think I’ll rewatch the series over and over, as long as Netflix exists. I’ve noticed some things that I didn’t realize when I was watching it 10 years ago…I used to LOVE Dean and hate Jess, but I can kind of see how they made Dean be kind of a jerk/womanizer now. I guess my teenage heart didn’t get it back then. Anyway, I’m midway through season 2, and I’ll probabbblyyyy be deep into season 3 by the time the weekend is over. Because #noplans

I'm linked up here for blogtober and here for Five on Friday!

Happy Friday y’all!!! 

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