wonderfully made: Blogtober cheat day #2 - fall and halloween decor!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Blogtober cheat day #2 - fall and halloween decor!

So today's prompt for Blogtober is "funniest childhood memory". I had a pretty good childhood, that's for sure. But I was sheltered. All of my stories involve inside jokes about something my family did or they aren't really all that funny after all. So, I’m going to save you ALL the trouble of hearing about that and today I’m going to talk a bit about my Halloween/Fall decorations!!! 

I’m a total fan of decorating for holidays. I believe in buying little bits of décor every year rather than spending a paycheck on everything at the spur of the moment. As you can see, some of my tastes have changed, but I still mix and match all of my décor! I also put out all fall decor as well as Halloween, and once October 31 passes I just weed out the spooky stuff and keep the warm, inviting fall stuff. Love it!

Starting with the kitchen:

Some simple Halloween cheer on my welcome sign (and I changed out my rug)

This sign is one of those things I've had forever that I don't necessarily LOVE. But it works in the kitchen to remind me what season it is! ;)

I love having these candles as a centerpiece. I just switched them out so they look kind of silly now, but they look super cool once they are all melted! Plus, cinnamon scented pine cones are the BEST! (and can be carried into Christmas)

Our coffee bar is pretty fun to decorate. 

Oh my gourds!

The bookshelf in our living room gets changed out quite a bit. Lots of my favorite knick knacks go here!

Oh hi, favorite new Halloween sign. #bootoyall

This tray on our coffee table is another rotating decor piece. Love it the most!

Mark thought it would be stupid to hang a wreath over this bug print I got in Fredericksburg. I said I didn't care and did it anyway. What's your vote?

Either way, Kitty* loves the witchy candy stand I picked up at Hancock Fabrics on super sale. Isn't it so cute?! I want to name her.

*no black cats were harmed in the making of this blog post

Wreaths on wreaths

The front porch and entry aren't left out of the decor! The leaves and pecan tree debris just add to the spookiness, right? (just go with it)

There you have it! I love Halloween more and more every year. Did you decorate when growing up??

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