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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blogtober day 2 - dream job

Today’s #blogtober14 prompt : “dream job when you were little/what it is now”

Honestly, I’ve been wracking my brain and I cannot think of something that I wanted to be when I was little…I remember playing house and doctor and school a lot, but I can’t remember having a career goal in mind. Maybe my mom or sister might remember…if so, y’all chime in now!

My job now is pretty dreamy. Dreamy in the sense that it fits my needs perfectly and I enjoy going to work each day! Really! It took me awhile to get to the good place where I am, but it has been worth it! I went to school for Interior Design and I’m currently working for a furniture dealership as a designer. The company I work for is awesome, treats us like we are family, and we have fun while working!

I don’t really talk too much about my job on here, but I’m happy to share this insight into my life! Basically, we work with sales within our company to meet with our clients which are typically large commercial firms (think AAA, FedEx, Fossil, etc) within the DFW metroplex. They come to us after they have secured an architecture/design firm (like my husband's company) for new projects like their headquarters or a large office. We assess their needs, sometimes bid on a project (this is required for most large public companies) and then do our best to find office furniture to meet their needs. The designer does a lot of the space planning and finishes, along with writing the specifications for what the client eventually signs off on. That means we draw in CAD, color, draw elevations, sketch, render (color) on the computer, and use a pricelist to put all the components together. Many times, the client needs to see what they are getting in many different ways, so we send them plan drawings, elevations, and 3D or isometric drawings, sometimes rendered in a special program we have. Then the sales team orders the product and facilitates the delivery. We have a team that installs the product and we typically oversee that as well. Once that is all done, we breathe a sigh of relief, party, and then move on to the next project! There are usually lots of follow up orders for the same client to tweak things as time goes on and they expand, etc.

I’m super happy where I am at the moment and really can’t imagine doing anything else, except maybe sitting on my couch and/or sleeping all day. Because that’s super realistic.

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