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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Blog tour

I'm a bad blogger and I'm skipping the #blogtober14 prompt (again) today to participate in this fun little blog tour that is going around the Internet! 

It's funny, after 20 days of linking up, I've already met so many awesome bloggers and discovered a whole new world out there! Nancy is one of my new favorite people. She so graciously asked me to participate in this blog tour and I'm so happy she did! She is SUPER funny and is a girl after my own heart. We share a love for summer and patios (helloooo!) and her blog design is the bomb dot com. Her writing style is intriguing and she shares the serious stuff along with the not so serious, hence her blog title, Sincerely & Sarcastically. Please go check her out!!! 

Nancy, author of Sincerely and Sarcastically

She asked me the following questions so you guys could get to know me a bit better:

      What are you working on?

I have to say, I'm much like a lot of bloggers out there. I'm not really 'working' on anything at the moment! Maybe I'm looking at it the wrong way, more of a project-type question. I do have drafts floating around in my posts page that I've been meaning to get around to forever, like our honeymoon recap (2 years later) and part 2 of our kitchen remodel. I should get on that one, too, because part 1 is one of my most-read posts!

      How does your work differ from others of its type/genre?

I think I'm different from a lot of other bloggers because my blog is kind of a mix of DIY/home and lifestyle. While some other bloggers may mingle in both areas but have a strict genre that they typically follow, I feel like I float around a little more. I write more DIY posts than a typical lifestyle blogger and I write more lifestyle posts than most DIY/home bloggers. I guess you could say I kind of do my own thing rather than follow what I 'should' be doing (like sticking to one particular genre).

      Why do you write what you do?

Hmm well this seems like an easy answer - because I like it! I want to love my blog and the only way I can honestly love it is to write what I want, when I want, how I want. I like being able to look back on my posts and say "oh yeah, that's what our backyard used to look like" or "man, that weekend was fun". I also love finding little life hacks and sharing those with other people, so that's where the DIY side of me comes out. So far, doing what I want has paid off and has kept me writing for over a year, so I'd say it works!

      How does your writing process work?

Typically if I think of a post, I'll open up blogger and start a new post with the title of what's on my mind. I rarely write out that post on the spot, but I keep it as a draft to remind me later when I have time to devote to it. Other times I'll get inspired and sit down and write a bunch of posts at once. Those are usually the ones that are recapping little things in our life or weekend adventures. When I'm working on a DIY project or something around the house, I typically know ahead of time that I'm going to blog about it so I'll think of key points in my head and I try to have my camera handy. Then I just plug away and schedule my posts accordingly! 

Some other great (SERIOUSLY great!!!) bloggers that I've come across through this fun adventure are these sweet ladies below. I've tagged them so head on over to their blog, follow them, and look out for their blog tour posts in the coming days!

Taylor just posted pictures of her recently organized (and super cute) office! Her blog is fun, colorful, and full of life. You'll love it!

Katie is everything I would be if I was living the glam life up north. She and her husband actually just recently bought their first house and I'm SO beyond happy I found her blog just in time to see everything take place. I'm kind of into homes and new projects, if you didn't already know! ;) 

Check out all of my new friends and share some of your favorites in the comments! 

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