wonderfully made: Blogtober day 1 - If you won the lottery, you'd...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Blogtober day 1 - If you won the lottery, you'd...

I’ve decided to join up with one of my favorite Dallas bloggers as well as my favorite Chicago bloggers for a linkup during my FAVORITE month : #blogtober14. Our hosts have graciously provided a prompt and we are going to attempt (together) to blog every day in October! So, here goes!

Today’s prompt is : “if you won the lottery, you’d…”

I’m going to think small and say we’re ONLY winning $5 million. ;)

-pay off our house and all of our debt

-buy a new house, maybe something like this? And then budget about $140k for remodeling (because all the fun is in making it your own!!!)? 

….and rent out our current house for some extra income!

-donate $1 million to charity

-put $2.5 million in a high yield savings account

-replace both of our cars with something new that will last a while, but nothing fancy! Maybe stay around $75k total...


-take a trip around the world - $50k

-go on a $5k shopping spree

-*maybe* gift some to our immediate family (start sucking up now! It couldn’t hurt…)

Now I’ve just got to start playing the lottery so I even have a chance…right?

Join in with us on #blogtober! Even if you can’t blog every day, I’d love to see what you have to say!

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