wonderfully made: Five on Friday: College and Football Edition!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday: College and Football Edition!

We've made it to Friday!!!

For all of you that work normal jobs and don't take three month vacations every summer, I'm sure you're with me on feeling nostalgic every fall when you see and hear all about school starting back up. It brings me back to that exciting, giddy time where everything was new and you were off to a fresh start. 

Another thing that makes me nostalgic for school is my participation in a blogger fantasy football league with people like Karoline with a K. See if you can follow me here: yes, fantasy football is primarily for the NFL, but I'm not a HUGE NFL fan. I'm much more of a college football fan, so being involved makes me even more excited for COLLEGE football.

All that being said, I thought I would do a Five on Friday: College and Football Edition. Prepare yourself for a massive picture dump and let me know if your college experience was as great as mine.

As usual, I'm linking up here for my weekly Five on Friday!

Here are the things that stand out to me the most from my college experience...



I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory. You can't really go to college without going to class. If you don't go to class, you won't be going to college for much longer. I almost learned this the hard way...

(plus, if I didn't go to class, I wouldn't have met my handsome hubby!)


The new friends you make and the old friends that get to share in your new adventures!


The tradition and pride for your school and the education you gain along the way.


The Big 12 Football games.


As bittersweet as it all may be now, the satisfaction of reaching your goals and being celebrated for your success is the best ending to the journey.

So I'd like to reach out to all of you high-schoolers and college kids. Yes, we think you are immature, and silly, and irresponsible...but enjoy these next 4, 5, 6, etc. years because they are just the start of the best years of your life. Especially to my cousin Andrew, who is way too cool for me and probably thinks I'm super lame for even writing a blog. I'd like to think that it was me who planted the Red Raider seed in his mind because now, 4 years after living with his family during my internship, he is a Freshman at Texas Tech. I can't wait to share stories of our alma mater in years to come!

Fight, Matadors, for Tech!
Songs of love we'll sing to thee,
Bear our banners far and wide.
Ever to be our pride,
Fearless champions ever be.
Stand on heights of victory.
Strive for honor evermore.
Long live the Matadors!

Wreck 'em Tech!!!


  1. totally digging this post... and LOVE the pics of you at the football games!!

    1. Thanks girl! I loved college so much and LIVE for college football. Yay for football season starting!!!

  2. Awwwwwww... loved everything about this!!!! Makes me miss college and Lubbock!

    WRECK 'EM!!!! Happy weekend, girl... we'll be watching the big game tonight from home. Cannot wait!!

    1. Thanks, Darci! It gets me every time fall rolls around. Wreck 'em Tech!

  3. Well, Friday seems like a blessing to everyone.

    Great pictures, you seem to really enjoy yourself!

    Style Nirvana

  4. Ohhh college...my football experience was a little lacking at Texas State but everything else was a blast! Love these pictures of college DiDi :)

    1. You missed out on college football! It is one of the best things about college...maybe we SHOULD go back and re-do!

  5. Great post! I am also over the moon that college football is starting again! I think you should have paid a little tribute to SFA your first year...

    1. I'm always excited for football! And SFA wasn't much of a college experience as it was a transition. Plus I didn't have any photos like these, so I skipped it! No harm, no foul!

  6. Not a highschooler or college kid, but I loved this post!

    Mainly because I'm nosey and like to see experiences of Uni in other countries :) It's so interesting to see the differences. Here in the UK we don't really participate in going to games or matches for sports of our Uni teams. Although we still definitely get the 'jocks' of the rugby teams or the football teams.

    And it's weird, I used to get letters home if I didn't turn up for my classes - although that was unusual even for my Uni!

    Thanks for checking out my blog by the way :)

    Hmm maybe...

    1. Thanks Emma! Football in the US is a whole experience. Not to mention Texas football! You would love it!

      Thanks for stopping by yourself!


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