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Monday, October 20, 2014

Blogtober day 19 - what makes me happy

Happy Monday! I missed yesterday but I love the prompt so I'm moving things around today. The blogtober prompt is "what makes me happy"...

Here's what makes me happy:

-a sunny day by the pool
-a fall walk around the neighborhood and through the leaves

-watching Mark play frisbee (or anything else) with Motley
-spending time with my BIG family

(I warned you that it was BIG!)

-a perfect hair day
-singing with my eyes closed at church
-a good joke that brings tears to your eyes
-lighting a candle at home
-opening the windows on a breezy fall day...
...or a cool rainy night
-eating texmex on the patio

-getting off work a few hours early and having unexpected time to kill
-saving lots of money at the grocery store
-driving on a two lane road in the country on a hot summer day with the windows down
-daylight savings time
-chips and queso
-hearing my nieces and nephews tell me about their day in their cute little voices

-laughing with my girlfriends
-my home, Texas

Have a great day! :)

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