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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Blogtober day 12 - best advice you've been given

Here we are, day 12 already!

Today’s prompt is “best advice you’ve been given”.

I’ve been given LOTS of advice and I’m known for giving some advice myself (sometimes unsolicited), but I had to really think about some advice I’ve received recently and how it applies. As I wrote Wednesday, I’m pretty into Pinterest so I headed over there for some inspiration. My very favorite board is my “happiness” board. I pin anything and everything to it that makes me happy so there are lots of pictures, designs, recipes, and quotes to be found there. I pinned this image a while back:

Allow yourself to be a beginner!

It’s such a great reminder for all aspects of my life. I can be pretty hard on myself and I love this advice. Allow yourself to be a beginner! I started working out at the beginning of this year and I remember vividly how proud I was when I ran through an ENTIRE Kelly Clarkson song. I felt pretty silly confessing this to a veteran running friend of ours, but nonetheless I was proud of myself. I’ve NEVER been a runner! And here I am now, running almost every day. I’ve gotten up to 20 minutes straight. I’m not a marathon runner by any means, but I was happy with my progress even when I was doing very small things. Not everyone starts off as an expert. Good to remember!

This is another quote that I pinned a while back and I actually have this in our bathroom. I didn’t really think much of it when I printed it out, I just thought it was some semi-manly art for our semi-masculine bathroom. Now, though, I look at it every day and it makes me smile. It makes me take a deep breath and remember to keep moving and to get outside and do something fun. It’s invigorating! Do something you’ll REMEMBER!

Don’t you just love good advice?? Join us here for blogtober14 for even more!

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