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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Blogtober day 23 - my pet peeves

I'm so behind here! I need to get my stuff together.

Day 22 for blogtober was "what's your pet peeve" but I'm changing it up and doing it today. I'm just keeping it mysterious this week for the sake of the blog!

So here we go...I could go on and on, but these are the first things that came to mind!

-being late
-braking HARD in the merge lane to cut over, OR driving in the exit/merge lane until the very end and then cutting in, all the while blocking the exiting driver from, well, exiting.
-ALSO (a lot of my pet peeves revolve around driving) riding the exit lane and access road to get around rush hour traffic, therefore clogging up those lanes for people that are actually exiting off the highway.

-hearing the same story 5 times from the same person. Yes. I know. You told me. I listened.
-one-uppers. This should be self explanatory
-using 12 gifs on Every. Single. Blog. Post.
-dishes piling up in the sink

-people that can’t say “no”. You know who you are…
-misuse of "their, they’re, and there"
-misuse of "your and you’re"
-the little baby hairs and fried hairs that stand up on my head. Hate those!
-shoes that pile up in walkways

-small talk. It bugs me! “Hey, how are you? Good! How are you? Good.” That’s all fine and dandy when you don’t see someone for a while, but every day at the office, or someone you talk to all the time? C’mon, we’re past that!
-vagueness. If you want to talk about something, come out and say it.
-girls that play dumb. Come ON!
-leaving the TV on when you’re not watching (or not in the room, or the house…such a money suck!)

That's all I can muster up for now. What are your pet peeves?

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