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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Starting out

Ok, here we go.

This is definitely not the first blog I've started, but hopefully it will outlast them all! Trust me, that won't be a hard task.

I have been telling myself that I really had nothing to blog about until I do something big like buy a house or have a kid. Well, luckily it's NOT the latter, so I've been pushed back into the blogosphere by buying a house!

I'm inspired by the one and only blog that I loyally follow: Young House Love. I love their down to earth, witty step-by-step guide on buying a modest home and DIY-ing it into their dream home. They, like me, started their blog to share their DIY projects on the house with their family and friends. The blog has grown to be way more than they ever expected and now John and Sherry both stay home and blog full-time!

So, follow along with Mark and I as we (hope to) chronicle each step of our home renovation process. Enjoy!

Oh yeah, and here's our house!

Happy Fourth of July! 

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