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Thursday, August 29, 2013

A new life

Mark and I closed the door on a part of our life this week. 

14 months ago, Mark and I were searching for the place that we would live when we got married. It was June and my lease was ending so we looked for a place for me to live for the few months leading up to the wedding, when Mark would join me. We had wanted a house with a yard for Motley but the market was booming and there was nothing in our budget. 

I remember seeing this charming apartment pop up on my search every day with golden hardwood floors and a to-die-for kitchen. I passed by the listing day after day because it didn't meet our standards of having a yard, more than one bedroom, and it was in "that" part of Dallas that you don't talk about and definitely don't drive to. 

Finally, I got impatient and discouraged with my search so I opened my mind to the idea of not having a second bedroom. The apartment was a triplex, so although it didn't have a yard, maybe we could make it work. I decided to drive by the apartment to check out the neighborhood at lunch one day. I was getting discouraged as I droive south of I-30. More and more of the unfamiliar creeped up on me and the stereotype of the neighborhood was all I could think about. 

I turned onto Windomere Avenue and was surprised at what I found. There were lush green lawns met with craftsman style homes in pretty sage and lavender colors. There were mature trees lining the street and people walking their dogs. It was summer, so kids were playing in the front yards, happy as can be. I was giddy with the possibility and immediately contacted our real estate agent. 

I told Mark about what I had found and we met the agent the next day after work. As we walked through the perfectly remodeled apartment, I knew it was what I wanted. The kitchen was a dream and every detail had been considered in the remodel. It was clean, charming, well laid out, and had a big front porch! We locked up and walked out and I asked our agent to make an offer. As we drove away, Mark shared his hesitations. He wanted a yard, and how could we live in only 900 square feet!? 

I might have used my debating skills, because we ended up with that apartment in Oak Cliff on Windomere Avenue. There were times we wished we had a yard and times we wished we had more space, but it was a wonderful fit for us and I don't regret talking Mark into it one bit. (I don't think he regrets it either)

As we scrubbed and mopped and cleaned for hours on end on Tuesday night, I still felt like it was my place. I kept hearing a floorboard creak and expect to see Motley by my side. I opened and closed the blinds as I did every day when the sun was out and when it set. And then, walking out the door, exhausted from cleaning, I looked back one more time, put my arm around my husband, and gave him a kiss. It was a bittersweet moment and I was surprised to have tears come to my eyes, as it felt almost like a movie scene. 

How easily did we fall in love with that place? It is where I became a wife, where I socialized at game nights and laughed with my girlfriends watching the bachelor. It is where I welcomed two nieces into the world and took a new step in my career. I watched them haul away my tattered and totaled car of 5 years from that street and watched Mark clock countless hours playing frisbee with Motley in the parking area. Lastly, it is where Mark and I started a house hunt, made an offer, and ultimately signed a contract on our new home.

I'm sure it's shocking to many people, especially my family that is unfamiliar with Dallas, that I truly loved that little apartment in Winnetka Heights. The neighborhood was welcoming, the streets beautiful, and that apartment was perfect for us. I'll miss it dearly.

We've closed the door there and have just begun to open the door here in Northrich. I can only hope we will have the same sweet memories in our special new life.

If you missed it, I gushed about our old neighborhood here, and gave a house tour before moving out here


  1. Awww so sad :( I loved that apartment and your street! I remember being shocked when you told me you would be living in Oak Cliff, but as soon as I laid eyes on the apartment I saw why there was no hesitation! I'll miss it with you but I'm loving watching you turn your new house into a home :)

    All that being said, I still even miss your apartment in the M Streets sometimes! That's where we became friends and had so many good times. Crazy how much has changed for both of us in just two years of friendship. Thanks for making me nostalgic ;)

    1. I know, how odd is it that all of these sad feelings came up about this apartment? It's amazing the nostalgia you feel when you had a good experience somewhere without horrible neighbors!

      I definitely got lucky with my different experiences of apartments in Dallas. I don't regret a single one!

      You should just move back and get an equally awesome apartment! :)

  2. I love all of the memories that you made in your home, thanks for reminding me that our home is the place where memories are made!

    Good luck in your new house!



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