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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


We had yet another epic girls weekend here in Dallas last weekend. As usual, Heather, Brittany, and Emily came up on Friday night and stayed with me until Sunday. It was Emily's first trip back to D-town since she got back from England and a lot had changed! For example, she got a real, live guest room!

I was a bad blogger and took pretty much zero pictures of our time here, but here are a few shots from Instagram that involved our weekend:

I updated the chalkboard wall in the kitchen and so far I'm LOVING the change. I can see this adjusting to the seasons, too! 

I love fresh flowers and was planning on getting some for the house before Emily ever said anything about it...so I ran to Central market and picked up the prettiest ones I could find. 

Per tradition, we closed out the weekend with brunch on Sunday. We tried out Coffee House Cafe in Dallas and it did not disappoint. It was delish and such a cool place, especially for my coffee loving friends! I got the grilled ham and cheese sandwich with tomato basil soup. SOOOO good!

Emily did remember to bring her camera to the scarf exchange on Saturday night, so I'm waiting for her to send me pictures so I can share it with you guys. Because c'mon, we all know she isn't going to blog about it. ;)

One thing I love doing before I have company over is prepare. I went into full on crazy mode cleaning and updating the house so my guests could come into a cozy place. I had a few spare minutes so I took some pictures to share with you how I try to make guests feel welcome:

I love lamp. I mean, I love lamps over overhead lighting. It's so much cozier so I always have the same lamps on every night. As the girls walked into their room, I wanted them to feel at home!

I try to provide some extras for my guests in case they forget something. I included hand towels, washcloths, soap, shampoo, a razor, hairspray, and nail tools plus some towels for the shower. It's helpful to have all of this at hand before 4 girls start fighting over shower time!

Per Emily's request, I had fresh flowers and a burning candle on the nightstand so they could walk into a fresh smelling room.

I'm obsessed with these giant hydrangea I found at Central Market. I borrowed a vase from work and they are on my kitchen table until it's time to dry them out, because I'm pretty sure I want them on my bookshelves year round!

Here's another view (or two, see below) of the welcome sign on my chalkboard wall. Don't you love it??

I also baked some fresh cookies for the girls to snack on. Gotta have some sweets!

More flowers spread out around the living room made it feel even more homey!

Even if my guests didn't notice, I loved the extra touches around my house. As I hashtagged on instagram, "fresh flowers are my love language". It's true. ;)

Come back later for pics from our second annual scarf exchange!!!

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