wonderfully made: Travel diaries : Fredericksburg, part two

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Travel diaries : Fredericksburg, part two

Mark and I went down to San Marcos last weekend to visit friends. We had a BLAST but I basically took zero pictures, unless we are friends on snapchat or instagram. Over sharer, over here! We went to the Texas State football game and floated the river, as well as tested out lots of local food and drink joints. It was SO fun and relaxing and we had a blast. Thanks so much, Justin and Callie!

I'm not here empty handed, though, because I've totally slacked on sharing pictures from our Fredericksburg trip! 

After our invigorating hike up and down Enchanted Rock, we drove straight to the main street of town (sweat, workout clothes, and all - no shame) to wander the streets and eat lunch. The weather was great, it wasn't too crowded, and there was lots in store for us here!

This was such a cute shop, as evidenced by the sign below!

I LOVED this painting. They had multiple sizes and varieties, one of which was a little smaller with a dark grey background and just two llamas. I know they are bizarre, but I loved them, I don't even care. I will have a llama painting one day!

We went into one shop that had over 600 tastings. We were pretty hungry after our hike but not yet ready for lunch, so you can imagine how excited we were for this!

Emily parked herself here for about 5 minutes...um, Em, I'm not sure that's what they intended for the 'samples'...

Fudge samples!!!

I tried the peanut butter fudge. I have to say, it wasn't quite as good as my mom's homemade PB fudge!!!

Next up we went to Circle E Candles. I thought I would find something here but between the prices and my indecision with THOUSANDS of scents, we all walked out empty handed but high on candles. 

We went into Dogologie, a shop containing the craziest dog items ever!

This store was just super cute and very Victorian with the oil burning lamps. Loved those!

See the "hospital" sign in the iron? I thought that was pretty cool!

My main ladies - Heather, Emily, and Sarah.

We ended up right where we had parked, at Bejas grill. It was delish and we were all satisfied!

Emily and Sarah

Heather and me

But wait, that's not all! Come back later this week for more about our trip including our informative tour of a winery, dinner, and pictures of the house we stayed in!

Happy Monday Tuesday! 

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