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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Coffee talk

I find it odd that we've been doing this DIY thing for over a year now, frequent Home Depot and Lowe's 2 or more times per week,  yet I posted this instagram photo on Monday night and I had more than one person ask me why we were at Home Depot. Umm...you should know I'm constantly doing things by now! ;)

Anyway, we made an impromptu run to Home Depot for this (among other boring things, like air filters):

Yep, I finally put up my shelf for my coffee bar! To be honest, there was a little switching around shelves and I'll post an update of my bathroom soon, which was on the other end of the switcheroo. Regardless, we have shelving! And I love it!

I think Mark likes it too...

Just for fun, I decided to do a little styling session so you could see different ways I might style it and give me some feedback too! When I style things, I typically walk around my house and pick up things that will fit in the space. This time was no different! I just futz with it until I'm pleased with how it looks.

So here we go:

Option 1 - eclectic mix

This was a little funky and also too busy.

Option 2 - simple and natural

Super simple and nice, but didn't add enough height!

Option 3 - height and variety

The mirror here was TOO tall, almost hitting the ceiling. Plus, it's permanent home is just a few feet away on the wall perpendicular to this coffee bar.

Option 4 - modern farmhouse

I LOVE this option and will probably end up doing this most of the time. 

For now, I ended up going with a mixture of options 1 and 4. I'm going to call it "farmhouse chic" just for the sake of calling it something. I like the black and white picture of Mark and me, the hydrangea (duh) and the coffee sign that Mark bought me on our anniversary because he knew I wanted to do a coffee bar (who knew it would take me almost a year to get it done). I added some plain bowls to match the coffee mugs for a more rustic open-shelving look. 

So what do you think? Who's coming over for coffee? :)

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