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Monday, May 18, 2015

Super sneak peek | baby B's nursery

Deep breath.

Ok, so here's the thing. I like surprises and I hate showing 'my work' or any sort of progress pictures. I like to show the big picture for the WOW factor. I did it with our kitchen remodel, I meant to do it with our floor remodel, and I intended to do it with the nursery. However, I think sometimes that can get overwhelming and carry a lot of pressure for me so I'm changing it up this time. Plus, I'm just so obsessed with this addition to the nursery that I had to share it as soon as I was finished!

Here's the back story: I was wanting a cute little mobile above the crib for Baby B's room but was conflicted about what to do since we have kind of a 'feature ceiling' and I didn't really want something else hanging from the ceiling. I was scouring Pinterest for ideas and ended up putting a few of those ideas together to make this cute little guy:

I had ordered this moose for Mark when I decorated his apartment after college. I kept asking him if we could put it in the nursery but since it was the junior size, it was too small for this project. We were inspired by the 'large' size but Mark ended up using his resources, making his own template, and making this for me for about $45 less than what the large size retails for. Score!

Next, I ordered my felt balls and assembled my garland. Then, we strung it over the moose randomly. 

woodland nursery

I'm OBSESSED. I feel like 'my moose' (as I've lovingly referred to it for the last few weeks) finishes the room perfectly and will be so fun for our baby to look up at in the future. It anchors the crib and makes the room feel so whimsical!

I mean, talk about a MAJOR sneak peek! You lucky ducks! See what I mean about a feature ceiling??

retro woodland nursery

We're still missing the bedding (although I've definitely considered just having a full white set of bedding when I want a clean look), the changing pad cover, rockers for the chair, and all the little baby accessories.

woodland nursery

I can't wait to show you the rest of the room! Until then, I'll sit in there every night dreaming and waiting for my baby boy (and thanking my lucky stars for such a talented husband that goes along with my crazy requests!)

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