wonderfully made: the five elements of baby b's nursery

Friday, April 10, 2015

the five elements of baby b's nursery

It's about time I shared my inspiration for the nursery! I've been pinning things for about a year and I just about have it all in my head. In keeping with my usual five on Friday linkup but with a little fun thrown in, I've listed the five elements that gave me inspiration for the nursery below! I hope it all comes together!


I'm all about geometrics and I LOVE this design! I was planning on painting this pattern on one wall behind the crib as the accent wall. I was going for a super light grey, even lighter than shown, and I was going to do the lines in white. Well, my walls turned out a little white so I'm either going to do the lines in grey or go a different direction either with one wide vertical stripe maybe with his monogram or a mobile in the middle OR I may just get crazy and do something on the ceiling instead. This definitely got my creative juices flowing, though!


Pennants and pompoms are the key to my heart. These are so cute so I definitely want to add some somewhere for a little whimsy in the room. They may be integrated into the mobile or I may just put some up on the wall elsewhere. Love them!


I posted about the super awesome buffet I got and when I bought it,  I had something like this in mind. One half will be the changing table and I'm thinking shelves above the other half with jars full of  baby things like pacifiers, etc. plus all of the cute decor he's bound to quickly accrue!


Mark got a saw for Christmas and that means I get crafts whenever I want! I love the arrow detail and the reclaimed wood so this project is on his list! Anyone know where I can get some reclaimed wood?


This pretty print caught my eye early on. I love the vintage whimsy and the 1950's boyish feel. It pretty much led the charge for my color scheme which will be orange/red, mustard, navy, and of course the neutrals like white and grey. It's on order and due to arrive any day!

So that's the inspiration for the nursery! I will share snippets as we go along and then of course the final reveal, which will most likely be closer to his due date!


One more thing, on a serious note. One of my aunts (I am lucky to have many and love them all dearly) was admitted to the ICU last week and is battling some serious and unexpected health issues. She is fighting and our whole family is rallying around her in prayer. I ask that you keep her, her family, and the doctors and nurses caring for her in your thoughts and prayers. 


I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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