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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

a wet weekend

Three day weekends are always welcome in our house! We kept it low key and hung around the house other than a couple outings. 

Friday night, Mark wanted to go out so we headed over to a new barbecue joint just about a mile from our house, Ten 50 BBQ. 

The BBQ is pit-style and you line up outside to choose your meats. It smells SO good. They had lots of great looking food but we went with brisket, mild sausage, mac and cheese (duh) and fried okra. How's that for southern?

Everything is situated in a semi-buffet style and you choose your sides and go down the line. We passed on the dessert, but the key lime pie was tempting!

The restaurant has lots of seating, some of it in the 'community' style (meaning large tables where you're encouraged to sit with strangers) but was laid out really nicely. They also had a large private room.

Everything was REALLY good. The meat was tender and and flavored really well and they had two sauces available, both of which were tasty! The mac and cheese was so-so (why is it so easy to mess up?) but the okra was TASTY!

We had to take advantage of the DALLAS mural outside before we rushed home to beat the rain!

dallas mural

My friend and former roommate Jody was in town on Sunday so Mark and I met up with her and a few other friends for dinner at Eno's, a perfectly styled pizza joint in Bishop Arts (one of our favorite places!) 

The rest of the weekend was spent hunkered down at home working on projects and Etsy orders...and watching the rain. Texas has been in a drought for over 5 years until recently. We've had about 20 inches of rain in our area this month and while it was welcome at first and the drought is long gone, we are all getting tired of the extra water. Not only are constant cloudy skies a nuisance, but recently the rain has brought death and destruction to parts of Texas, specifically the hill country and around the Blanco River. The river rose over 40 feet during a flash flood on Sunday night resulting in 12 missing people, over 300 homes completely lost, and massive destruction everywhere. 

In the DFW area, all of our lakes and rivers are at least 5 feet over flood levels and are dangerously close to overcoming the levees should we continue getting more rain. Needless to say, it's been a long few weeks and I'm anxious to see some sun in this usually sunny state! Please pray for everyone affected by the storms!

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