wonderfully made: pretty prints and cover ups

Friday, May 15, 2015

pretty prints and cover ups


lilly pulitzer

Seriously, how cute are these? My shop has been pretty busy lately and I'm loving all of the custom requests! This client sent me some of her Lilly for Target napkins and had me monogram them. They turned out so cute! 

lilly pulitzer


Two essentials while working on Etsy orders: 30 Rock and my assistant. (side note- I never was a 30 Rock fan but I'm LOVING it. I watch 5 or more episodes in a row and it's one of the only shows I laugh out loud at!)

Speaking of assistants, they both fell asleep on the job the other day...


Sneak peek alert! The nursery is coming along and I'm DYING over it! Question: is it weird and vain OR sweet and personal if I put a picture (or two) of Mark and me in the baby's room? 


I've been talking a lot about swimsuits lately and since I'm large and in charge, I've been thinking a lot about cover-ups. How cute are these?! 

Or maybe, I can just make my own...

...and maybe I already have!


Bumpin. That is all!

I'm linked up with April for five on Friday!

Happy Friday!!!

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