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Thursday, May 28, 2015

wrapping it up | I need mama input!!!

Let's talk baby-wearing. Yeah, I went there.

Babywearing seems to be the new trend around these parts and I've gotta say, I'm pretty excited about it. I've always hated the thought of dragging around a car seat with a growing child in it and balancing it on a shopping cart or maneuvering through a crowded store. The idea of babywearing is definitely appealing to this mama!

look familiar? youch!

The problem is this: there are way too many options! There are basically three categories of baby wearing: something high-tech with lots of straps (all I can think to compare these to are what my parents used to carry us when we went camping), something more fabric based but with only a few 'correct' ways to wear it, or something like a wrap or a sling with long ties and more options.

type 1

'high tech', lots of straps. But look how cute the pattern on #4! And #2 looks super breathable, perfect for camping!

ergo baby carrier organic cotton original anchor print

type 2

'wrap' style but not as many ties. This one actually looks comfortable!

k'tan review, ergo wrap review

type 3

I feel like you need to be a cirque du soleil acrobatic artist to figure these things out. They're super cute and super popular, though!

moby wrap review, solly baby wrap review

Luckily I'm already 1 for 3 because my sister has passed down her Ergobaby carrier (type 1 above) plus the newborn insert. I haven't tried it on yet but Mark did and I'm thinking it will be used for more long-term outings like walks/hikes, camping, large events, etc. We have the nude color so I think it's pretty neutral and I can talk Mark into wearing it most of the time. 

I love the idea of a more casual/lightweight sling, wrap, or the k'tan wrap (as I think that is kind of in its own category). I can't imagine getting out of the car at the grocery store and strapping up with the Ergo carrier (although I've heard it can be done) so in my mind, I'll be using a lighter wrap for those outings. However, it seems like everyone loves the more traditional 'wrap' variety like the Moby or the Solly baby wrap, or any of the other hundreds that are on the market now. This is where a lot of my questions come in and I'd love to pick your brains!

-do the long ties get in the way?

-do you find yourself wrapping it around you multiple times just to use up the slack?
-does the knot get uncomfortable? 
-can you sit down easily?
-do you feel like the fabric stretches over time?
-are you ever unsure if your baby is secure in the wrap?
-do you have both a 'high tech' carrier as well as a wrap? Which is your favorite and why? Or what are the advantages/disadvantages?
-have you used or do you know anyone that has used the K'tan wrap? Is this easier/harder to use than a typical wrap?
-do you find sometimes it's easier to just use the carrier and avoid waking up your baby to put them in the wrap?
-do you baby wear around the house?

I know, I'm crazy for having so many questions! I've had my eye on the K'tan wrap just because the long ties of a normal wrap freak me out, but I'm wanting to get some opinions from my experienced mamas out there and see what really works best. I love picking your brains and I LOVE the mama community I've recently found here! Thanks in advance for all of your help!

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