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Monday, May 4, 2015

my emotional weekend

This weekend was a good one, but it was the kind that goes by way too fast. Is it just me, or does the weekend go by faster when I relax and take naps rather than when I'm getting a lot done?

In between naps on Sunday, Mark and I joined my family for "America's pastime". Ironically, my dad calls it "America's naptime". We are not big baseball people but it was my dad's company picnic and the weather was awesome! We sat under the shade and enjoyed a few hours of relaxation and baseball!

my nephew and brother-in-law

My little baseball and I enjoyed the fajitas and a funnel cake! This 'eating for two' thing has come in handy.

Also this weekend I took the plunge and got my hair cut. I hate getting my hair cut - always have, always will. I feel like I've never had a good haircut, my hair never grows, and it's always like I'm speaking a foreign language when I request a style, even though I show pictures.

Originally, I was just going to get some all-over color and a quick trim. I've been growing my hair out forever (it has taken about 5 years to get it this long after a short bob in 2010) and it was just about as long as it had ever been. However, my ends were dead and my color was looking dull. 

After thinking about it for a while, I knew that I wanted to go for a 'long bob' eventually, maybe soon after the baby comes. On Saturday, I thought about it some more and realized I wasn't really benefiting from my long hair. I wasn't styling it in any sort of special way and I didn't need the length. So, I decided I should just go ahead and get the bob. It would be great to get all of those dead ends off of my length and have a fresh new hairstyle for summer.

So, I found a groupon (duh) and went to a local salon. I showed the stylist these pictures:

I explained that I wanted to keep the front length but I wanted a sharp angle and a stack/layers in the back like the last picture. I liked the stylist and I liked my color, but at the end of the 1.5 hour appointment, she gave me a mirror to see the back and it looked basically like this:

Sure, that's all fine and good for those girls, but my request was specific. The only reason I wanted to go shorter was specifically for the long bob look. Then, I did something I NEVER do. I asked if the stylist could fix the back and add more layers/angle. I was shot down. She had told me that my 5pm appointment was her last one and right then she said "I have a 6:30pm engagement, can you come back later?" She then went on to tell me how she didn't have any creativity left and she can fix it if I come back another day. 

So, that ended yet another traumatic hair appointment. I plan to go back and get it fixed, but voluntarily having it chopped twice in a week is not going to be good for my stress level. 

After I came home (and cried to Mark about all of my hair troubles and just wanting to have good hair once in my life - #pregnancyhormones) I decided I do like the length and the color, so not all is lost. I just want the angle!!! The last thing a pregnant woman wants after gaining some weight is to have a haircut she doesn't like.

So that was our weekend! I'll post some pictures after haircut #2 of the new 'do'. Happy Monday!

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