wonderfully made: a DIY project for baby B's nursery

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

a DIY project for baby B's nursery

I tend to have creative spurts here and there and the impending arrival of baby boy has me in overdrive! 

I mentioned in my nursery post that I really wanted to do some sort of felt balls or bunting in baby B's room. I was brainstorming some other decorative ideas a few days ago and suddenly came up with a GENIUS idea that just happens to involve those felt balls I was talking about. Right now, I'm waiting for MY other half to finish up THE other half of this great idea of mine, but I made my felt garland and thought I'd share it with you!

(I'll have to do my 22 week bumpdate tomorrow so be sure to check back for that!)

I checked the websites of all the major craft stores (Joann, Hobby Lobby, etc.) and checked out Amazon but I ended up finding these felt balls through a fellow Etsy store. I liked the colors, size, and the price so I ordered one 50 count package. 

how to make felt ball garland

All of the colors are different and they are so pretty! First, I separated them out by color just to see what I was pulling from.

Then, I pulled out some embroidery thread (bright white) and a regular needle. I had purchased a felt needle from the same Etsy shop but it did NOT work how I wanted it to, so I quickly switched to a standard needle I already had on hand.

It was simple! Just poke a hole straight through your felt ball and start gathering them together. Don't worry about spacing at this point.

I tried to vary my color pattern so no two colors were very close together. I didn't want it to seem like the garland fell into any sort of 'theme'. Once I had all of the felt balls on there, it looked like this:

how to make felt ball garland

I took the thread out of the needle and made a thick knot at that loose end.

From there, I measured about a hand width and started my spacing. 

I would push the bulk of the felt balls down the thread so I could work my way down. As they got in the way, I pushed them down further. 

I continued spacing the balls down the thread by comparing the space between 3 of the balls, see below.

When I was done, I had about 10' of garland!

how to  make felt ball garland

I wrapped it around my neck to keep it untangled and place it in the nursery. What do you think, new necklace trend?

Here it is in it's temporary spot...as well as a sneak peek at the nursery! I LOVEEEEE love love it already and can't wait to show you guys the final product.

how to make felt ball garland nursery

My felt garland brings me so much joy and it was SO easy! Make one for yourself!

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