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Friday, March 20, 2015

Five on Friday - a random assortment

Happy Friday friends! I'm teaming up with April for Five on Friday. Check out my week below!


This month has totally been a tease. First, we had ice and sleet, then we had snow, then we had more snow, then we had rain, rain, rain, rain. Then we had this:

...and now we have more rain, rain, rain. This is TEXAS. I'm ready for spring/summer. The hotter, the better! Now who's with me?!


I've talked about my job a couple of times before, but I've been out and about this week and snapped some fun pictures. One of the best parts of working in design is seeing the before and after (nope, not picking out throw pillows). Plus, I'm a big nerd and like to hear all of the construction details without actually being responsible. We have several clients in this building so I got to see the progress! #werk


I finally got my very first bumpdate published. Sorry it took me so long! The belly is just now flourishing so I feel like now is the time to share it. Like I said before, I take a photo pretty much every day in the bathroom to document my progress, but those don't really see the light of day...until now! haha below are this week's pictures. The day my 16th week started, I seemed to have grown! I'm enjoying this little belly now and I'm excited/nervous for what the future belly will look like!


On Wednesday night I went shopping with my sister. A stay at home mom, she is an avid shopper and knows how to find a bargain. If you know me, you KNOW I LOVE a bargain, so I jumped right in on her shopping 'ritual'. She shops at a consignment sale called "Just Between Friends" (JBF) that happens twice a year. Several cities/areas host the sale so we signed up for the Dallas sale. There are at least 5-6 sales in the DFW metroplex alone. Basically, consignors (regular people like you and me) sell their items at prices that they have chosen. It's like 100 garage sales of just baby/maternity items all in one warehouse. They did a first time mom's pre-sale night on Wednesday night so Angela and I were there when the doors opened!

It's SUPER overwhelming as there are piles and piles of items and tons of people looking for 'the good stuff' but there is plenty to go around for all. I bought 23 items for an average of $3.63, but that doesn't include that 1 "item" sometimes included multiple onesies, shirts, etc. I got New Balance shoes, Carter's, Gap, H&M etc. clothes as well as tons of other brands - and the most I paid for one item was $6. It is crazy, y'all! 

Here's a SMALL sampling of what I got...

The last day of the sale, everything is marked down by half price. Granted, things are picked over, but half of $6 and less is a STEAL! I am sure that I'll be participating in these sales as time goes on. Check it out in your area if you love a good deal! 

Spring is alllllmost here in Texas and the landscape is proving that to be true! The grass is turning green, the trees are budding, and I'm getting the itch to do yard work!

Last weekend I picked up these boston ferns and had Mark hang them on our front porch. 

I love them!!!

I still have LOTS of work to do outside but the green ferns gift me a jump start to keep going!

Also, our pretty camellias are blooming! These are such a nice welcome into spring!

Happy Friday!

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