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Friday, June 12, 2015

a post that is jam-packed full of words | friday

I'm mixing it up a bit today and linking up TWICE! Is that even legal?! 

I've been linking up with April for Five on Friday for over a year now and I love that it's a way to just share 5 things about my week or whatever else is on my mind that day. My sister-in-law also hosts a linkup called "Friday Favorites" and while I've participated once or twice, it's been a while! I had a couple favorites I wanted to mention today so I figured why not, go crazy, link up twice! I hope y'all find something you like! 


My very first baby shower is this weekend and while I can’t wait to experience that, I did get an early gift from my boss who won’t be able to make the shower. She had asked me a while ago if there were any fun things I was hoping to get for the baby and I just listed the essentials until I came across Hazel Village on Instagram. Beth just had a baby herself so we’re all baby talk in my office lately and I went over to show her these super cute and precious whimsical stuffed animals. I told her my favorite was Owen Fox (which she was partial to because her baby’s name is Owen) and she ended up getting it for me and baby B! She even went above and beyond and had his initials stitched on his chest! (I’ve told a few people the initials and I’m sure I’ll share more in a fun way later on so you all can start placing your bets!) Getting this sweet gift was such a highlight to my day and I can’t wait to give him to our baby! He is definitely my favorite fox. ;)

stuffed fox nursery animal


Speaking of foxes…

Mark told me he really really REALLY wanted the smart watch from android and prices were supposedly dropping so he splurged and purchased the watch for himself. 

I still don’t really get it but he’s been called a ‘tech dork’ at work so it’s already starting to pay off. I’m just happy he was able to get himself something nice because he works really hard and deserves it!

He wouldn't let me catch a picture of him geeking out on the watch so this was the best I got. ;)


You guys, my sister is a rockstar.

No, really, she is. It’s kind of a long story, but my (one and only) sister got to perform live…on stage…with…THE ROLLING STONES. I’m not kidding. They were in town last weekend and she was up on stage with them, got to meet Mick Jagger AND Keith Richards stuck his tongue out at her. She wrote all about her experience (at least, what she was contractually allowed to share…) over here on her family blog. In the meantime, you can send all autograph requests to me.  ;)


This IS a favorite things linkup so I wanted to share a few things that I’ve been loyal to lately! I’m weird about my products and clothes…most don’t mean much and I tend to buy most of my makeup at whatever store is the closest, but when I find something I LOVE, I’m hooked. Here’s what I’m hooked on lately:

+I've shared my complaints about maternity clothes a few times here...I just can't fathom why maternity tank tops are twice and sometimes 3 times what a regular tank top costs. I wear tanks ALL the time and while I usually grab them from Target, I have a couple of the 'perfect tanks' from Old Navy and I've gotta say, I'm a fan. These are much more stretchy than the Target tanks and they seem to hold their shape/stretch for much longer. I've been reaching for these when my (2) maternity tanks are dirty and they are still fitting around the belly! AND they are long enough. That's saying a lot for this 5'9" 6 month pregnant lady. Check them out! They are $7.50 right now PLUS take 25% off of your order! I'm stocking up!

+I sang the praises of the mint loafer a while back and I was pretty upset at myself when I went back to get a different color and they were sold out. I did, however, find the navy blue on the site recently and even though I wasn't sure I like the color (too grandpa?) I snatched them up on sale and I can't wait to get them! I wear my loafers EVERYWHERE and they are so comfy and easy to slip on. I've gotten some compliments on the mint color so I'm excited to see if I can work the navy into my wardrobe. They have limited sizes available so act fast! (I also saw they have a black faux suede in some limited sizes!)

+So, I got my hair cut last month and I hate it. I'm not super torn about the overall length (I usually freak out that it's too short) but I don't like the color and the lady didn't get the cut right after the second try. The ONE thing I can thank her for, however, is introducing me to argan oil. Now, I know this has been a thing for a while and a lot of people use Moroccan oil, but this stuff is awesome. I hate putting product in my hair because it used to be really oily and I just want it to feel 'free', but the hairdresser used this on me and I LOVED it so I went out and bought my own the next day. I put 4 pumps in after I wash my hair (while it's still wet) and then after I style it I put 2-3 pumps in my hands, rub them together, start at the back and just smooth my hands over my hair and pull down at the ends. This gets rid of all the weird flyaways and frizz and it lasts all day. I love the way it smells and it leaves my hair super soft! I always go at least 4 days without washing my hair and this product never has an effect on the oil-factor. It's been a game changer. My hairstyle still looks dumb, but at least it's not a frizz ball! Get yourself some of this oil - it's on sale!


Speaking of hair, I need help. I have tried a similar hairstyle to this about 3 times since I got it cut and it’s just not working. Why is my hair so difficult!? Can someone teach me how to do this? So far, I’ve tried using a curling iron and then straightening the ends but I’ve had zero luck. My hair is so stubborn! (back story - I have naturally curly, frizzy hair so I always have to blow dry and style my hair so I'm never starting from straight hair or anything. It is out. of. control!)

Someone come do my hair!!!

Happy Friday!!!

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