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Thursday, June 25, 2015

signing off

I'm off the grid! Well, not technically, and not yet. 

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I'm away on my 'last hoorah' vacation until baby comes in none other than America's Hat. (has no one ever heard this term before?) 

The plan while we're in Canada is to visit with Mark's family, meet family members I've never met before, explore Toronto (and maybe Ottawa), and spend lots of relaxing time off the grid at a cottage on this lake! 

There will be lots of Canada jokes in between, too!

I've loaded up on TONS of movies on my laptop since the chances of getting internet are slim. I'm really hoping we can unwind, relax, play games, canoe, kayak, and stick our toes in the COLD water. I'm counting on coming home refreshed!

If you want to follow along, just miss me, or want to go back in time to see lots of other fun pictures, be sure to follow me here:

I post juuuust enough that you get a glimpse into my life but not enough that I'm that super annoying person that posts 12 pictures a day. :) Everything in moderation, right?

Also, I've found lots of trip inspiration here so give it a read and maybe you'll find some good stuff too!

I may pop in here and there but I'll definitely be back blogging next week. Have a great weekend!!!

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