wonderfully made: travel diaries : girls resort and spa trip - part one

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

travel diaries : girls resort and spa trip - part one

It's over, it's all over.

just wait, this is coming!

This weekend started out LESS than alright, as a 4 hour drive to San Antonio quickly (or not so quickly) turned into a 6 hour drive. 

Despite the traffic and the horror that is I-35, I made it to the BEAUTIFUL hill country around 5:45 on Friday. 

I made it! VIP shuttle ride, too!

My girlfriends and I planned a girls trip back in March to the J.W. Marriott Hill Country Resort and Spa and have been looking forward to it ever since. The location (just north of San Antonio) and the amenities (including the various pool options) were enough to seal the deal and we were so ready for this relaxing weekend!

Spoiled for sure, we arrived to this amazing view off the double balcony of our suite. We loved that our view consisted of the pool as well as the hill country to the east and we spent quite a bit of time out on the balcony!

executive suite
the beds at Marriott hotels are HEAVEN.

Just after our arrival, this collection of Texas treats arrived at our door. Homemade potato chips, dips, and Texas tea were all we needed to get the weekend started right! It was all delicious and made for the perfect appetizer before our dinner on the resort.

executive suite

As I was doing research, I was looking into the amenities at the J.W. Marriott and came across Cibolo Moon, the southwest-inspired restaurant on the resort property. I found myself drooling over the menu with things like the brisket burger, iceberg wedge, and bbq trio (with a side of mac and cheese, obviously). I'd be lying if I said that the menu isn't what made me book the hotel...

cibolo moon

We made reservations for 7pm and were promptly seated when we arrived. The restaurant was busy (good sign!) but we had great service and loved checking out all the food as it made its way to other tables. 

cibolo moon

cibolo moon

Heather and I both settled on the same thing: the filet mignon that dreams are made of. It was SO GOOD. After every bite we would look each other and just nod our heads. SO. GOOD.

cibolo moon

Brittany and Emily went with the brisket and a side of mac and cheese. Easily a runner up in my choices (but there's no way it was better than the filet mignon!!!)

cibolo moon

We all LOVED our food and called Cibolo Moon a definite win. 

After dinner, we decided to attempt to work off some of our dinner and check out the rest of the resort. 

The resort was bustling with activity. People were finishing dinner, strolling around, playing ping pong and cornhole, and there was a showing of Finding Nemo at the pool!

river bluff experience

We walked outside of the pool area into this clearing where we took advantage of a photo op. (of course)

girls trip

girls trip
from left to right: me, Brittany, Heather, and Emily.

Shortly after our photo op, we noticed a sign that said 'telescopes tonight'. To be honest, it seemed a little cheesy to me but we said "why not?" and decided to take a look. 

It. was. awesome.

First, we saw Venus. It pretty much looked like a small version of the moon but it was pretty cool to see up close. Next, he turned the scope to find Jupiter, which (in the sky) was right next to Venus and it was THE COOLEST thing ever. Seriously. I had no idea you could see the planets like this! You could see some red stripes on Jupiter as well as 4 of its moons. It was also moving and he would have to move the telescope after each of us looked to follow the planet. It was SO cool.

We also got to see Saturn and its rings, which was also super cool but I thought it looked kind of fake. We spent about 20 minutes looking at the planets and we all concluded that it was such a fun activity!

We walked around more of the resort before we came back up to the room, sat on the balcony, and had some good old fashioned girl talk. 

And then this happened:

I'm a bath girl. This baby is probably going to be a bath baby. We LOVE our baths and this super deep tub made all of our dreams come true. Twice.

Night one at the Marriott was complete and we were cozy and happy!

Check back on Thursday for the rest of the trip!

*special thanks to the J.W. Marriott Hill Country Resort and Spa for all of their hospitality!

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