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Monday, June 15, 2015

a great and tiring weekend

What a weekend! A GREAT weekend!

The weekend kicked off with my 28 week OB appointment which meant it was time to chug this pretty little drink:

I've heard horror stories about the glucose test but for all you expectant moms, rest easy knowing that it wasn't that bad! I was relieved when my doctor had the fruit punch flavor because I would have hated the orange flavor way more. It was a super sweet drink, similar to strong kool-aid (or really concentrated gatorade) but the only thing that made it unpleasant was that you are expected to drink it in 5 minutes. That's when all the sugar becomes overwhelming. So, anyway, it wasn't so bad after all and I hope my levels come back ok!

After the doctor visit with lots of needle pricks, I headed home to finish up dinner for our guests that night! I didn't take any photos (other than the food) but we had a great time catching up with some old friends.

Oh yeah, and I snapped this picture while I was killing time waiting for our dinner guests...

Hehehe. Pregnancy humor.

Saturday was the date of my first baby shower hosted by my sister-in-law and it was perfect! She decorated so sweetly in honor of Baby B and everyone loved looking at Mark and my baby pictures scattered everywhere.

Again, I didn't take any pictures so I stole these from a few friends but I know some other people did snap photos and I'll try posting them here later!

me and Kelly, longtime friend

my coworkers Anna, Leanne, me, and Dani. my boss Beth was greatly missed!

I really tried to soak in this shower because I remember my wedding showers going by so quickly yet being so special to me. I had a great time and loved getting to share this special time with family and friends!!! 

We loaded up all of the generous gifts in my car and Mark had the pleasure of bringing them all inside the house. This baby (and his parents) are SPOILED!

We spent part of the afternoon oohing and aahhing over all the fun and super cute gifts we received and then I got to watch Mark put together the stroller. 

We went with the Chicco Bravo Trio travel system and so far I LOVE it. It feels so much smaller and easier to manage than many strollers I've dealt with and we got it in a fun Empire Green color. I can't wait to see a sweet baby boy in it!!

empire green chicco keyfit review

It was really quite entertaining and exciting watching him mess with the system. Let's just say he needs some practice on being gentle while handling the stroller before baby comes. Eeks! 

I got in more quality time with some girlfriends that night when we met at Urban Crust for dinner but again, no pictures! You'd think I'm not a blogger at all! Trust me though, it was delicious. 

We wrapped up the weekend on Sunday by going to see Cinderella at the Music Hall at Fair Park with my mom, sister, aunt, cousins, and cousin's daughter (it was kind of a girl's thing). Afterward, we hit up Emporium Pies for a tasty treat. LOVE this place!

I went for the coconut cream pie and it did not disappoint. SO delicious!!!

...and with that, the weekend was complete. Time with friends and family, baby love, and good food made this weekend wonderful...and tiring. Cheers to many more great weekends ahead!

Happy Monday!!!


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