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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Trickery and Target

First I just want to recognize that while I'm so happy that my fave bloggers (Young House Love) are enjoying some vacay time in Destin, I am already missing their in-depth, consistent blog posts! Come back sooooon!!!

Mark hoodwinked me into another trip to the house last night. We went to look at a craigslist fridge ($300 and in good condition, score!) that happened to be just 2 miles from our house, so we swung by to pick up/drop off a few things. Turns out Mark had plans to continue the work on the trim when all the while I was looking forward to a night off watching trashy TV (of the Real Housewives/Bachelorette variety). So we stayed at the house for about an hour and a half and I took advantage of some Instagram worthy photo ops, seen below.

Here's Mark multi-tasking talking on the phone and trying to pry the old trim off the wall.

I also realized I didn't have any pics of Motley in the backyard, so I snapped a few (dozen).

crazy dog!

We had thrown a couple boxes of stuff in the car so I did my best unloading those and straightening up the aftermath of the weekend, and then I mostly relaxed in our $5 outdoor chair from Wal-Mart and pitched in on the trim when Mark needed my help. I also snapped these photos of some new bedding I snagged at Target yesterday that I'm WAY too excited about:

We aren't really planning on completely overhauling our furnishings for this house due to our lack of lottery winnings, but we do need some new bedding so I picked up the most cost effective white duvet cover I could find. There is just something about a white bed I have always loved. Plus, with a backyard, we now plan to NOT let Motley sleep with us, so this might last more than a week without needing to be washed. 

I also got this fun but muted orange and taupe herringbone 'organic' blanket to go at the bottom of our bed for some color. I've been a little into orange lately but don't want to go crazy and paint any walls that I might regret later, so I'm happy to satisfy my orange cravings with this throw. I think it will look super sharp against the white duvet and dark grey walls. Can't wait to start putting it all together!

After cruising around the aisles at target, I came across a few things that I would love to use in my house and things that are just good design in general. I decided to document these items so I could remember them later, and then I figured I would share them with you guys! This may be the beginning of a "Target Tuesday" post, but lets see if I make it to next week before I declare that.

Nate Berkus is all over Target right now and most of his items are pretty spot on with trends of the moment. I love these chevron/herringbone patterned sheets, especially the neutral. I'm not sure I would use the orange anywhere except a super neutral room, but I like how fun they are!

These side tables are exactly what I would want for our room. We don't have any proper side tables as of yet, but I'll have my eyes on these (or some like it) when the time comes. The footprint isn't too bulky yet there is plenty of table top space and the drawer always comes in handy. I just wish they had them in other colors!

Have you found anything fun at Target lately? Do you get sucked in like I do and roam the aisles or end up spending more than you had in mind? 


  1. I like your idea for the white duvet with the pop of orange, that will definitely look nice against the grey walls! I really like those side tables too. Maybe you could find something similar at a flea market and paint them orange for more color? Then when you get sick of orange paint them your next favorite color!

    1. Thanks! I'm obsessed with the blanket currently. I'll hold off on the side tables but I usually spot some cute tables at Ross for super cheap! Good ideas!

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  3. i was eyeing those side tables at Target last week for our bedroom. The ones we have now were given to us are bulky and dated.

    1. Aren't they super cute! You should go for it so I can picture them! :) I saw a photo on someone's blog today of her bedside table and it was white with cute books and flowers on it, so keep an eye out for something like this but in white!


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